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P-L Driver Allen Kosier at AMS 9.0 on Pro-Line Hole Shots

AMS (Alabama’s Manufacturers Shootout) is one of the biggest race we have ever attended. Allen has always wanted to go to a big event so this was our first one. Going in to this event we had no idea what to expect, but we were just going to have a good time with what ever […]

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P-L Driver Allen Kosier at Round 6 of The Force Series on Pro-Line Buck Shots

October 20th to 21st we made out way to Southside RC Complex for round6 of The Force Series. Allen was able to practice all day Friday and get some good runs in on his Xray XB8 and Pro-Line Racing Tires. We finally got to try out the Buck Shots. They are some great tires.

Factory Team / Race Events

P-L Team Driver Allen Kosier at RD 7 of The Force Series on Pro-Line Fugitives

Went to River Rat Raceway for round 7 of The Force Series. Allen’s Pro-Line fitted Xray XB8 was ready to hit the track Friday night for some practice. Track was very fun and different than the normal big track we have been running in the series. Was a bit smaller, but also had some added […]

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Allen Kosier at 2017 Pro-Line Summer Shootout 2.0 on Hole Shots

The Summer Shootout 2.0 has come around once again at Southside RC Raceway. This time the track crew has done it again with another amazing transformation of the facilities. Weather tried to stop them once again this year, but they never gave up. Making sure all the racers (340 entries) had a great surface for […]

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P-L Driver Allen Kosier at Force Series RD3 on Pro-Line Hole Shots

We made our first trip to Lake Park RC for The Force Series. We arrived late Friday night to the track and looked over the track and talked to some friends about the track conditions. Since we did Got a bit to late for practice so they could do repair and prep to the track […]

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P-L Driver Allen Kosier at The Force Series RD1 on Pro-Line Blockades

Force Series Round 1 @ Triple Nickle Raceway Well after taking some time off to get things together after 2016. We started to see what races we wanted to do for 2017 season. We have been wanting to get out to more tracks that we have not been to before. So after looking around we […]

Factory Team

Allen Kosier Takes 1st Place At River Rat on Pro-Line Blockades

October 1st, As we made our way to River Rat RC Allen decides to run his Xray XB8e. He went out for a little practice and car felt real good on Pro-Line Blockades, So we decided to take the car in and look it over and get it ready for the Quals. He ran real good in […]

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Pro-Line Driver Allen Kosier Takes 2nd Place Finish at River Rat on Blockades

September 10th we headed out to River Rat Racetrack for some offroad racing on the new layout just finished 2 days before racing. Allen decided to run his 1:8 Xray XB8e. We got a small amount of practice in. The car was feeling good with Pro-Line Blockades M4. So we decided to get the car […]

Factory Team / Race Events

Allen Kosier Takes 3rd Place With Pro-Line Square Fuzzies

Went to River Rat RC for some club racing after Christmas. Running my FTM Grip/Pro-Line Racing equipped 2WD B5M Buggy. The track was a bit damp at beginning and tried out some Pro-Line Hole Shots M4 in back and M3 Hole Shots up front. In first qualifier it was pushing and loose in all the […]

Factory Team / Race Events

Daytona Off-Road/River Rat Points Series Round 1

Daytona Off-Road RC / River Rat Points Series Finally the time came for the 1st round of Daytona Offroad RC/River Rat Points Series at River Rat RC November 14th 2015 The track was in great shape and looked to have a lot of traction. We started off using  Pro-Line Holeshots in front and rear of our […]