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Mounting Pro-Line Wedge Squared 2.2″ 2WD Z3 Off-Road Buggy Front Tires

Carpet racing… If you have never done it before, some products can be a little confusing. I’m going to show you my preferred method of mounting 2wd carpet tires. First let’s start with a standard Pro-Line 2.2 front buggy wheel. Now let’s grab the essential tools. You’ll need something to cut the wheel. I used a pair of […]

Factory Team / Product Reviews

Tire glue at its best! By Pro-Line Team Driver Robert Martin

Ok I don’t know anyone who just “loves” to glue tires. I even know guys who will pay other people to glue tires. I use to be one of them. I hated gluing tires! I’ve glued a tire to my workbench, myself, even glued a tire band on once, but I just finished gluing the […]

Factory Team / Race Events

Jörn Neumann Takes the Double Title at German Nationals with Pro-Line

The German 4WD Buggy and 4WD Short Course Nationals where held last weekend at the RCRT Duisburg. It was a 2 day event with 3 Rounds of practice on Saturday morning followed by 3 Rounds of qualifying. In the morning the track was still very wet and not many drivers decided to run the 1st […]

Factory Team / Race Events

Aaron Hess Attacks The Monster Truck Freestyle Course

We were entertaining a crowd of around 2,000 spectators during intermission of Mega Promotions Monster Truck Tour at RWR Rodeo Arena in Denison,Texas.

Factory Team / Race Events

Cody King RC – An Inside Look at the Cody and Paul King RC Workshop at RC Madness

As a kid I couldn’t wait for the end of the year to come around. Those last few hot June days where the heat would force the teacher to give up and go easy on us. With lights off in the classroom we’d phone it in that handful of end of the year days playing […]

Factory Team

Racing Back To School With Pro-Line

So it’s back to school time for most kids in America and for some of us it means getting back into a schedule. This could mean getting back to your RC cars for some of you.. you know who you are.. the people who have been anxiously waiting for summer to end so they can […]

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RC Groups: How To Glue Tires Like A Pro

Go to for their  14 Step Comprehensive Guide to Gluing Tires Like a Pro. Even if you are relatively new to this awesome hobby, you have most likely learned the value of having a good set of tires which will unleash a vehicle’s optimum performance. Quality tires are vital for top performance and this […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews

LiveRC: Pro-Bond Tire Glue and Tire Bands Review

Pro-Line Racing “Pro-Bond” Tire Glue and Tire Bands $9.95 (Pro-Bond Tire Glue) $12.95 (Tire Bands)   When it comes to mounting up and gluing your tires, glue is glue…right? WRONG. There are hundreds of different types and brands of tire glue on the market today, none of which are exactly the same. Some are […]