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Mounting Pro-Line Wedge Squared 2.2″ 2WD Z3 Off-Road Buggy Front Tires

Carpet racing… If you have never done it before, some products can be a little confusing. I’m going to show you my preferred method of mounting 2wd carpet tires.


First let’s start with a standard Pro-Line 2.2 front buggy wheel.


Now let’s grab the essential tools. You’ll need something to cut the wheel. I used a pair of wire snips, but you could use a cutting blade in your rotary tool. You’ll also need 80 grit and 120 grit sand paper to make the wheel smooth.


Take your tool of choice and cut the fourth ridge off, making it flush to third ridge. Like so.


Once you’ve removed the extra plastic from the wheel start with 80 grit sand paper and finish with 120 grit for a smooth factory like finish.


When you’re finished sanding the wheel it should look like this.


Now you mount the wheel (without foam) just like you would any other Pro-Line tire using the plastic ridge as your outer mounting bead as shown here. For best results use Pro-Line PROBOND tire glue (6031-00).


When you’re finished gluing the tires you will notice just how much of a difference there truly is in the Wedge.


Once mounted to the 2wd buggy you’ll be glad you put the extra effort in! Sanding them down may not be completely necessary, but the finished product will definitely make you stand out at the track!