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RC Groups: How To Glue Tires Like A Pro


Go to for their  14 Step Comprehensive Guide to Gluing Tires Like a Pro.


Even if you are relatively new to this awesome hobby, you have most likely learned the value of having a good set of tires which will unleash a vehicle’s optimum performance. Quality tires are vital for top performance and this holds true whether a person is a racer or someone who likes to get it done on whatever terrain they come across. In time, it is inevitable that you will need to glue-up a set of tires for your ride. Whether it is upgrading mediocre RTR (ready-to-run) tires or replacing worn tires, you need to know how to glue tires the right way. Here I will show you how to properly glue tires with a perfect bond and share a clever trick specifically for gluing short course tires.

My Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate short course (SC) truck was screaming for a new set of tires that could help harness all the power created by the Velineon brushless motor system and provide some serious traction. I decided on replacing the stock rollers with Pro-Line Trencher X SC all-terrain tires wrapped around Pro-Line’s tough-looking Renegade 2.2”/3.0” black wheels.





 Learn to glue tires the right way with RC by clicking here for the Full RC Article.