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Racing Back To School With Pro-Line

So it’s back to school time for most kids in America and for some of us it means getting back into a schedule. This could mean getting back to your RC cars for some of you.. you know who you are.. the people who have been anxiously waiting for summer to end so they can get back on the track.. the people who have a countdown on their calendars until they can spend some time in the garage wrenching or painting. If that’s you then this blog’s for you!

Here are some things you may have missed this summer while you were camping, swimming and hanging out with the family.

Pro-Line Happenings in May

If you have a 1:16 SUMMIT you may be interested in the Apocalypse body that was released. This is a zombie hunting machine that will change the look and feel of your 1:16 SUMMIT truck.

VTR Line-Up Was Started This Summer

Pro-Line started the release of the 1:10 Buggy VTR Lineup in April and continued in May. The line started with the Suburbs Rear, and Transistor front for both 2wd and 4wd. The VTR wheels and tires utilize the horizontal mounting style which results in the lightest wheel and tire package ever produced for this class. The tire mounting surface was increased on the VTR from the standard 2.2” size to the 2.4” size giving the tire a lower profile sidewall and thus, more traction.

Everyone (except ROAR) seems to like them. Even Pro-Line driver Dakotah Phend used them to win at the 2014 Cactus Classic and said, “The Pro-Line Tires on all my vehicles were awesome.. The new VTR Suburbs gave me more stability and better wear and helped me TQ and win Mod Buggy!”

The VTR Lineup was extended to include the Electron rear and a 2wd front for the RB6, B4.2 and B5 along with a 2wd front for the TLR22. We also made a 4wd front for the B44.2.

Pro-Line Happenings in June

The LockDown 1:8 buggy tire was announced in June. The LockDown tire fills the gap between the HoleShot 2.0 and the Blockade tires. It has performance similar to the HoleShot with the tread life much like the Blockade tires. The LockDown has a unique crossing side tread that provides smooth steering and consistent side traction. Each pair of center treads are completely connected at the base of the pin which creates the “lockdown area” and provides the optimal pin flex even with the softer compounds.

Check out the MyRCBox.com LockDown tire review here.

In June Pro-Line released a whole slew of new shirts in sizes from Small to XXL. We also added a couple new shirts for the ladies as well. These new shirts are perfect for Back-To-School so you can show your love of Pro-Line and represent the RC world while hitting the books.

We also released a Monster Truck RAM body that will work for the E-MAXX®, T-MAXX® 3.3, REVO® 3.3, Savage and SUMMIT® trucks. You gotta check it out, this thing is sweet!

We had a couple Phantom bodies released in June, one for the Mugen MBX-7 Buggy and one for the Tekno EB48.2 Buggy. As well as the Electron VTR 2.4” front tires in both 2wd and 4wd versions for 1:10 buggy.

Pro-Line Happenings in July

In July we extended the Phantom 1:8 buggy body lineup by adding the Phantom for the TLR 8ight 3.0 buggy.

We also released our new Trifecta 1:8 buggy wings. The new Trifecta wings will increase rear traction and high-speed stability because of the large center fins. It includes two optional wickerbills so you can tune the performance of the wing to your liking. If you have no idea what a wickerbill is, it’s that thing on the back of the wing that screws down and changes the downforce you get. It changes the way the air deflects under the wing. You run it when you want to change the way the buggy handles when going over the jumps. It’s just something awesome that you can adjust based on the track conditions and your needs.

The PRO-2 Steering rack was released for the PRO-2 SC Truck and SC Buggy, the Slash 2WD and the Electric Rustler trucks. The new steering rack is made from high strength Aluminum alloy and carbon fiber and will give you increased steering response. Because the center steering link is made out of carbon fiber, it’s lightweight, stiff and more durable. The kit also includes ball bearings which eliminate the servo saver and will give you maximum steering.

Finally, last but not least, Pro-Line released the new Car Stands in July. We made one for the 1:8 scale (for 1:8 Buggy, 1:8 Truck and Monster Trucks) and one for the 1:10 scale (for 1:10 Buggies, 1:10 Trucks and Short Course). Nothing is worse than putting your kit on the shelf and coming back a month later to find the dreaded flat spot in the tire.. You can eliminate that using a car stand.. or just store your car upside-down.. but it looks way cooler on the stand.

Don’t forget to get some new glue.

The Pro-Line ProBond glue should be replaced your every 8-12 months. So if you haven’t changed your bottle yet, now would be a good time so it will last until Christmas (where you might get some more in your stocking). We also make some replacement tips for our glue so if yours gets clogged.. you know.. after sitting in the garage for a couple months.. maybe.. over summer.. You can get just a replacement tip..

Don’t forget, nothing goes better with glue than the Pro-Line Tire bands.. just sayin..

So.. Get Ready for School, and get ready to race!

See ya at the track!

– Team P-L