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Tire glue at its best! By Pro-Line Team Driver Robert Martin

Best Tire Glue Ever

Ok I don’t know anyone who just “loves” to glue tires. I even know guys who will pay other people to glue tires. I use to be one of them. I hated gluing tires! I’ve glued a tire to my workbench, myself, even glued a tire band on once, but I just finished gluing the tires in the photo in no time. Better yet, they are not glued to the pitmat! Pro-Line has gone above and beyond once again to develop a quality product. It really is the perfect glue. The tips allow you to put the glue down inside the bead of the tire, and best of all it stays where you put it. Now don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a gel. But with the tips trimmed down just a bit, you can really control the amount of glue you’re using. I know drivers who swear by different brands of glue and some guys that swear by professional grade CA glue of any kind. I promise you will not find a better bottle of glue! This comes from someone who hates to glue tires. So I’m going to list the pros and cons to this tire glue:


  • Dries Fast, but gives you time to work with the tire if you need to.
  • Comes with applicator tips that can be reused.
  • You can trim the tips to any length you feel comfortable with.
  • You get so much glue in this bottle you’ll be gluing tires for friends.
  • The tip gives you pinpoint accuracy. (no more gluing yourself to the tire)
  • VALUE cost a little more than other 20G bottles of tire glue but there is no waste and with this product the old saying “you get what you pay for” is more than true!


  • It will probably “go bad” before I use it all

I always thought tire glue was just one of those things like the junk they put by the cash registers in grocery stores. Ah, I guess I could get some tire glue while I’m here… Never again!

Not all tire glues are created equal, PRO-BOND by Pro-Line is the only tire glue you’ll catch me using in my pit.

BY: Robert Martin