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RC Cop Stop Shows off the PRO-MT4x4 for Special Needs Children

Took the Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 to some special needs kiddos today. They were amazed by the big Pro-Line 2.8″ Trencher Tires and the police lights while helping me drive it.

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RC CopStop Police Presentation Featuring Pro-Line!

Took the Pro-Line PRO-2 for a school R/C & Police Presentation yesterday. The kids had a BLAST!!!!! Here are some pics:

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RC Cop Stop Presents to Parochial School Featuring Pro-Line PRO-2

RC Cop Stop gave a police RC presentation to one of our parochial schools this morning. The kids had so much fun driving the Pro-Line PRO-2.

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RC CopStop featuring the Pro-Line PRO-2 and Street Fighter Tires

Well I tried out the new Late Model body today at one of our local church preschools.  The kids thought it looked cool,but they much rather wanted to see the Pro-Line PRO-2 JUMP. I used Pro Line Street Fighter tires on both RCs and they worked awesome on the parking lot asphalt.

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RC Cop Stop: Midwest heatwave brings out the Pro-Line PRO-2!

We had a heat wave here in the Midwest today (48 degrees), so I was able to give a presentation to a middle school class this afternoon. The kids loved the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck and want me to come back next week!!! Hope all is well.  Here are some pictures. Thank you again for all […]

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Raven RC Club at California City High School Makes the Paper!

Check Out the Article at Antelope Valley Press Visit the CCHS Raven RC Club Page here:  

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RC CopStop Featuring Matt’s Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Pursuit Vehicle!

We had our first snowfall yesterday in IL!  I’m pretty sure people forget how to drive when the pavement if covered so they decide to hit things! Last Friday I went to one of our youth centers for at risk kids, The Parsons Center.  They loved driving the Pro-Line PRO-2 and I also tried out […]

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RC CopStop offers an awesome opportunity for children with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

I went to Dewey Elementary School last Tuesday and gave a police presentation to the school. It rained, but was able to let some if the students drive the Pro-Line PRO-2 inside their gym. Thanks again for all your support, Matt Hermsmeier

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RC CopStop: Paw Patrol Safety Day with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

Went to participate in a Safety Day with Paw Patrol meet and greet today. About 200 kids attended and all who wanted to drive the PRO-2, did. I went through a lot of battery packs.  It seemed like all 200 drove the PRO-2 SC Truck!!! Thank you again for your support. Matt Hermsmeier Quincy, IL Police […]

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RC CopStop: YMCA Presentation Featuring Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

Today I went to the YMCA for a scheduled police presentation for kids who attend the summer program.  There was a time constraint and therefore the 30 plus kids were only able to see the components of the PRO-2 and saw it in action by me driving it. Typically they are allowed to drive it, […]