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Pro-Line 1:8 Caliber German Off-Road Champion AGAIN!

Final result for the German championship 2010: 1. Hupo Honigl Durange/LRP/Pro-Line Racing (2+1) 2. Patrick Feschtschenko LRP/LRP/Competition (5+4) 3. Jorn Neumann LRP/LRP/Competition (1+12) Summary: 1st round in Sand am Main (2011 European champion track) 20th to 22nd August 2010: Hupo Honigl Durango/LRP/Pro-Line managed to come in 2nd in this race, but then…(see below) Tire Choice […]

Factory Team / Friends of Pro-Line

Pro-Line Sniper SC Tires (Front/Rear)

This is the new Pro-Line Sniper SC for Slash, Slash 4×4, Slayer, SC10 & Blitz. Using the World Champion design philosophy and technology from the Hole Shot, the Sniper SC is scaled up to work on looser and dustier track conditions. After initial testing, Pro-Line team drivers Ryan Cavalieri and Travis Amezcua say: “The Pro-Line Sniper SC […]

Friends of Pro-Line

How to Tape / Strap RC Tires

If you looking for added sidewall support and more tread on the track, Click below on Squirrel’s Pro-Line Minute outlining “How to Tape your RC Tires”:

Friends of Pro-Line

How to Paint Carbon Fiber

Our good friend Squirrel demonstrates an easy paint tip on Carbon Fiber.  Enjoy!

Friends of Pro-Line

1:8 Buggy Running Video by Squirrel

Squirrel recently setup and ran his Hyper 9 at J&S Hobbies at Marysville, WA.  A big thank you to our dealers like J&S Hobbies for keeping the R/C industry thriving in Washington.  Below are the following parts you too can use on your Hyper 9 Crowd Pleazer 2.0 Body 3279-00 Bow-Tie V3 M2 (Medium) 1:8 Buggy Tires Recoil […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Videos

New Pro-Line RC Adventures Videos from RC Sparks

Check out the latest Pro-Line videos from RC Sparks. RC ADVENTURES – SCALE RC TRUCKS #25 – PT 1 – “DRY RUN” Pro-Line Racing / Teds Garage

Friends of Pro-Line

Beef up your Slash 2WD performance (Part II)

Faster, more consistent laps Increased Forward Acceleration More Fluid Suspension Geometry for Jumping Light Weight/Race Inspired Design Increased Tunability Double Jump Durability One Easy to Install Kit  Parts  Used: 6062-00 – ProTrac Suspension Kit 6063-00 – PowerStroke Shokes (Front) 6063-01 – Power Stroke Shocks (Rear)  1153-13 – Bow Tie SC Premounted on Split Six One Piece

Friends of Pro-Line / Videos

Pro-Line Stampede ProTrac Installation How To – Part 1 & 2

Check out the latest Pro-Line video from Squirrel. Featuring: ProTrac Suspension Kit Power Stroke Shocks (Front) Power Stroke Shocks (Rear)

Friends of Pro-Line

SCX Scaler at Deception Pass, WA — Pro-Line Minute w/ Squirrel #7

Check out the latest Pro-Line video from Squirrel. Featuring: 1973 Ford Bronco CGR Clear Body with CGR Roll Cage Titus 1.9″ Black/Black Bead-Loc Front or Rear Wheels Flat Iron 1.9″ G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires w/Memory Foam Power Stroke Scaler Shocks (90mm-95mm)

Friends of Pro-Line

Pro-Line Minute w/ Squirrel #5 — Weighting Crawler Tires

Check out the latest Pro-Line video from Squirrel on how to weight your tires. Featuring: Titus 2.2″ Black/Black Bead-Loc Front or Rear Wheels Titus 2.2″ Tuner Weights