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Throw Back Thursday


You may have seen this last week but we liked it so much we had to borrow the part about Pro-Line for Throw Back Thursday this week. All the way back to 1996 check out the article on the Pro-Line Square Fussie!

As 1996 began, we saw Microsoft’s all new Windows 95 arrive on new computers around the world changing the way we would see computers forever. Pro-Line Racing released an all new tire that you may have heard of called the Square Fuzzie.  It’s amazing to thing that all these years later the Square Fuzzie would all still be going strong. fuzzie

Always one to innovate, Pro-Line Racing sent their top engineer Tim Clark out to the IFMAR Worlds in Japan with a super secret new tire. Having the worlds at Yatabe Arean, Yokomo’s home track, the tire of choice to that time was their “Dash Pin”. Tim brought his all new “Square Fuzzie” tire out to support their team on its way to dominating the race. The Square Fuzzie provided more side bite than the Yokomo tire and propelled Mark Pavidis to top honors in 4WD and set one of the most popular moist-track tires of all time in motion. We reviewed the revolutionary new tire and compound to bring you the inside scoop on what made this tire so dominant.  

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