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Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews Reviews MIP Losi SCTE Chassis featuring Pro-Line Blockades

We were just perusing the Big Squid scene and we ran across their review of the MIP Losi SCTE that features Pro-Line Blockades and Flo-Tek body! Thanks for the support guys! Set-up Notes: We started the build with a brand new Losi Ten SCTE ARR. No mega-uber truck is complete without the help of Pro-Line, […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Sales Promotion

FREE 30th Anniversary Pin

Pro-Line is pleased to announce our 30th Anniversary this year! We couldn’t have done it without your support!   To commemorate this momentous occasion and to say thank you we will be including a FREE 30th Anniversary Pin with each order that is placed on our website. Supplies are limited to be sure to get […]

Friends of Pro-Line

Thousand Pines Camp

Check out the pictures that our friend Steve Burgess sent us from Thousand Pines Camp. Pro-Line had an opportunity to help out with some tires for the kids at the camp. Thanks Steve!  This Last week my Daughter Erin Burgess attended a camp up in the Lake Arrowhead area of Southern California. After arriving, she promptly texted […]

Factory Team / Friends of Pro-Line / Press Releases / Spilled Beans

Pro-Line Closed Cell Foam

You may have recently seen some pictures (like the one below from our friends over at of Pro-Line driver Cody King and some Yellow Pro-Line Foams. Well, I just want to explain what you are seeing in this picture is a different color sample of the same material that we are currently supplying in […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews

BigSquidRC Pro-Line Losi XXX-SCT/SCB Front Inboard Hub Review

So we own a Losi Ten SCTE, several of them actually. We also own several Losi XXX-SCT’s and SCB’s. All good, right? Wrong. You see the SCTE uses different rims than the SCT and SCB. And… on top of that, the SCT/SCB’s use different rims on the front than they do in the rear. So while virtually all I […]

Friends of Pro-Line

BigSquidRC’s Sharpied Helion Dominus

Recently there was a buzz around the net about the Sharpie Ferrari. Well, leave it to our resident painter/scale guy/artist Manny to hook up our Helion RC Dominus with a Pro-Line Flo-Tek body all sharpie’d out! What’s cool is that he incorporated lots of the logos from our sponsors in the paint as well as a awesome version of our Big Squid […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Spilled Beans

RCTruckStop – Pro-Line Low CG Traxxas Slash Chassis

It’s not top secret, but this new low center-of-gravity chassis for the Traxxas® Slash was kept under wraps until Pro-Line posted it on its Facebook Page and company Blog. The chassis replaces the molded composite plastic chassis with a narrow aluminum plate. Obviously, when you add this chassis kit with Pro-Line Performance Transmission, ProTrac suspension […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Spilled Beans checks out the Pro-Line Body Posts and Rally Body

Since getting my first glimpse back at RCX 2012 of the new body posts and screw on caps, we have been patiently waiting. We got to see the posts again, in what we were told was production form, and should be shipping VERY soon. Not only do we want these, so we can stop buying bags of […]

Factory Team / Friends of Pro-Line / Race Events

Pro-Line International Challenge Announcement

The organisers of the 7th annual Pro-Line International Challenge that takes place from the 25th to the 27th of August have been in touch to promote the event. Hosted by the Herts Nitro Model Club this 3 day 1/8th scale event is open to gas buggy and truggy as well as BL buggy. Run to […]

Friends of Pro-Line

HobbyTown USA in Corona Shows their Pro-Line Support!

Thanks to Stephanie from HobbyTown USA in Corona for sending us a picture of their Pro-Line support!