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Blake Lirette wins at DJO Raceway on Pro-Line Hole Shots

I ran 4-Ribs and Hole Shots all night at DJO Raceway and was able to TQ all three rounds and take the W. Thank you to all of the hard working Pro-Line employees. – Blake Lirette

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Blake Lirette’s Infinity Chassis T5M featuring Pro-Line Enforcer Body

As a Stock racer the object too many times is to simply lessen the burden on the motor and speed control by lowering the weight of said vehicle. My first approach at this was at the very least, misguided. I gave no thought to where the grams were shed or to the weight distribution of […]

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Blake Lirette on How to Apply Decals and Body Auction Featuring Pro-Line Bodies

For this installment I am going to go over my thoughts on applying decals on a body for not only a professional appearance but to also showcase the talents of the Little Taco Paint Shop. Featuring Pro-Line Predator Body for AE B5M and EVO Body for SC Truck

Factory Team

Blake Lirette Weighing in on Distribution Featuring Pro-Line Electrons

Featuring Pro-Line Trifecta Lexan Wing and Pro-Line Transistor and Electron Tires Stock racing, in all classes, is a race before any of the rides ever touch the dirt, carpet, or whatever surface it is you run on. We all know what minimum weight is in our respective classes. For mine, it is 1500 grams for […]

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Blake Lirette Makes his Pro-Line “PRO-2M” Legit

Blake Lirette Came up with this Decal for those that have modified their Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck to be a PRO-2M

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Pro-Line’s Blake Lirette Shows Us How to Solder

When Curt Yoder at The Ohio RC Factory likened soldering to welding to me a few years ago I knew right away it was a job left best to someone with experience. Much like setting up a smart phone, or giving a proper order to Karina at Pro-Line. Now that Ray at Speedy’s Racing Parts […]

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Blake Lirette on Axle Maintenance

(Paging) Axle (Foley) Maintenance As I continue with how I maintain my rides this time I’ll take a look at how my RC’s receive power from my DualSky motors all the way to my Pro-Line Tires. While this is simpler than going through the shocks, it is a little more time intensive than a slipper. […]

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Blake Lirette on The Slipper

The Slipper Raise your hand if you enjoy doing maintenance on a slipper clutch. Am I the only one? I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of a slipper, they are so eeewww, because I primarily run Stock. But, with that said, the slipper on my PRO-2M ST is a breeze […]

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Blake Lirette Wins at DJO Raceway on Pro-Line Hole Shots

This past Saturday I made the staggering thirteen mile drive to DJO Raceway for the season opener. After losing out on the title due to a tie-breaker I was hoping not only to continue running very well there but also to do everything I need to grab the championship this year. With only three Buggies showing […]

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Blake Lirette on Shock Maintenance – Featuring Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks

Lately I’ve been fielding some questions on how I do maintenance on particular areas of my rides. Because of my background in Sprint Cars I have been told that I go farther than some but I can tell you the amount of time I spend is nothing compared to the weekly maintenance of Tim Allison’s […]