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Blake Lirette on The Slipper

The Slipper


Raise your hand if you enjoy doing maintenance on a slipper clutch. Am I the only one? I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of a slipper, they are so eeewww, because I primarily run Stock. But, with that said, the slipper on my PRO-2M ST is a breeze to go through and I do so after every day of running it. I bring this up because three times over the winter I encountered people that could not figure out why their ride had lost so much performance. The pads had become so glazed over that the clutch could no longer engage. The amount of time to clean everything up and have it ready for your next day at the track will take less time than reading this boring write-up. I promise.


When I first got my PRO-2 I wasn’t a fan of how the pads come glued to the spur, short sighted at best, but now I like it more than, well, washing my dishes. Really, it’s a great idea. One of the reasons I don’t like a slipper are the acrobatics it takes to reassemble one.

Pro-Line has taken away one of the steps. It is also a lightweight two disk and pad design that works.

The first step is obvious, let’s take it apart.

Grabbing a seven millimeter driver we can now take the spacer, spring, plates, and spur off. The next step is to clean the glaze off of the pads. In the past I used a drywall sander but I recently found the pad pictured that works much better on the glued design. I have no idea the grit to it, I would recommend something that is very fine, but I simply roll it over the pad until the glaze has gone the way of the dinosaur. As far as the plates? I take a clean cloth or my shirt and simply wipe them off. If this is a new method for you take it easy and roll the pads over the sander in a figure eight motion checking often to see if the glaze is gone. That’s all that is needed; the glaze to be gone. Should yours not be glued, turn the pad over and repeat.


After this not long or arduous process I put everything back together.

Ten minutes tops is all you will need to do this. After this I usually get back to preparing for my debut on American Idol.

Blake Lirette