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How To: Installing a Pro-Line Body Mount Thumbwasher Kit –

When Pro-Line first introduced their extended body mounts that used Thumbwashers instead of body clips we were instantly in love. You see the BigSquidRC Bash Crew loses literally thousands of body clips each year and we are sick and tired of buying more. Pro-Line Thumbwashers (part number #6070-02, $5.91) are superior to regular body clips […]

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MyRCBox’s Bow-Tie 2.0 X3 Wear Test

In the past years, the Pro-Line Bow-Tie has always been one of my favorite tires. I’ve raced Bow-Tie tires on my monster trucks, 2WD buggies, electric and nitro stadium trucks and 1/8 electric and nitro buggies. The Bow-Tie gives excellent forward traction and good side bite on loose tracks. Pro-Line racing has updated their famous […]

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Customize your Twin Hammers with Pro-Line

  The Vaterra Twin Hammers is one of the latest installments of Rock buggy / Racer vehicle that has taken the industry by storm. It balances the cross over from Rock Crawler to Rock Racer and even a Baja Style race vehicle.  There are so many options and so many directions you can go in detailing […]

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BigSquidRC Review – Pro-Line Traxxas Slash Pro-2 Performance Parts

  Pro-Line Racing keeps introducing more upgrade parts for the immensely popular Traxxas Slash platform. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of their newest performance parts to determine if they live up to Pro-Line’s legendary reputation and if they are worth your time and money. Come on, lets take a closer look… From: […]

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Pro-Line PRO-2 LCG Performance Chassis Review –

There are a number of companies making LCG chassis’s for the Traxxas Slash and Pro-Line is the most recent to throw their hat in the ring. Pro-Line has a rep for putting out the coolest of the cool, and the best of the best, so how does their new Pro-2 LCG chassis stack up? Let’s […]

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RC Nightmare Reviews their Pro-Line Short Course Tire Order

Check out this video from unboxing and reviewing their recent order of Pro-Line Short Course tires! Source:

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews Reviews MIP Losi SCTE Chassis featuring Pro-Line Blockades

We were just perusing the Big Squid scene and we ran across their review of the MIP Losi SCTE that features Pro-Line Blockades and Flo-Tek body! Thanks for the support guys! Set-up Notes: We started the build with a brand new Losi Ten SCTE ARR. No mega-uber truck is complete without the help of Pro-Line, […]

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BigSquidRC Pro-Line Losi XXX-SCT/SCB Front Inboard Hub Review

So we own a Losi Ten SCTE, several of them actually. We also own several Losi XXX-SCT’s and SCB’s. All good, right? Wrong. You see the SCTE uses different rims than the SCT and SCB. And… on top of that, the SCT/SCB’s use different rims on the front than they do in the rear. So while virtually all I […]

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Horizon Hobby’s Preview of the new Pro-Line Performance Transmission

When it comes to short course trucks, the Traxxas Slash is one of the most popular 2WD trucks out there. While the Slash makes a great spec racer it can leave a few things to be desired as a hard-core race truck. The Pro-Line Racing folks have long had a soft spot for this truck, […]

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Big Squid RC Reviews the new Blockade SC Tires

Not every basher is a cul-de-sac aficionado, in fact many get their bash-on at local tracks. Stock sct tires typically feel like you are driving on ice when on dirt, the proper tires can totally make a trip to the track much more pleasurable. Pro-Line just happens to have a tire, the Blockade SC, that they claim works […]