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BigSquidRC.com interview with Pro-Line Racing’s Matt Wallace

Our friends over at BigSquidRC.com have put together a great interview with Pro-Line Racing R&D master Matt Wallace.

If you have questions about the PRO-2 SC kit then be sure to check this out!


Our surprise Unboxing of the Pro-Line Pro-2 Truck was received extremely well, and had tons of email and comments pouring in, asking questions as well as giving praise for Pro-Line’s first jump into the full on vehicle kit world.

The overwhelming enthusiasm towards the release seemed to warrant a follow up, so we contacted our friend Matt Wallace at Pro-Line for a short interview where we could ask some questions that we had, as well as get some answers for questions our readers were asking. Check it out…

Big Squid RC: The PRO-2 kit is obviously a labor of love on your part, give us an idea how many hours you have in the project.

MW: I have truly loved working on this project and expanding Pro-Line’s product lineup into new categories. But the foundation for this project was really laid by Tim Clark (Head of Product Development) many years ago with the development of the ProTrac Kit. This truly innovative suspension kit converted the short arm SC trucks with big offset wheels to long arms and race-inspired suspension geometry that has become the standard for all the new SC trucks that have hit the market since. My first contribution to this project came a little over 3 years ago with the Performance Steering Kit (my first project at Pro-Line) and I have been working on developing all the parts needed to make a full kit ever since; well, in-between all the other projects we work on here at Pro-Line like Tires, Wheels, Bodies, etc… So, let’s just say a TON of hours!

Big Squid RC: What single part on the PRO-2 are you particularly proud of?

MW: My first thought was to say the PRO-2 Chassis because I love all the details in the aluminum chassis and how the side bumpers look like Jet Fighter wings, but in reality it has to be the Transmission. The Transmission is always the heart of any vehicle and it was a huge leap forward for us as a company to design and develop something like a full Transmission. Before that, the most complicated thing we made was Shocks.

Big Squid RC: When was the last time you went bashing out in a parking lot?
MW: Just this last week! We had to “test” our new Rock Rage tires (along with some secret future goodness) for “work” with a smile on our face the whole time.

Check out the rest of the article where Matt reveals any future plans for another Pro-Line kit, the focus of Pro-Line as a whole, why we are Racing to Bring You the Best and how much we all love reading the Cub report!