Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews Reviews MIP Losi SCTE Chassis featuring Pro-Line Blockades

We were just perusing the Big Squid scene and we ran across their review of the MIP Losi SCTE that features Pro-Line Blockades and Flo-Tek body! Thanks for the support guys!

Set-up Notes:

We started the build with a brand new Losi Ten SCTE ARR. No mega-uber truck is complete without the help of Pro-Line, hence the reason we used Pro-Line M2 Blockade tires and a Pro-Line FloTek Chevy body. The stock shock bodies were not even close to being trick enough, so they were ditched and ST Racing Concepts shock bodies and caps were used. We were shooting for a “light” set-up, so we used a Castle 1410 3800 kv motor with a Castle Mamba Max SCT Pro speedo. This uber build required the use of a high end servo, so we bolted in a Hitec 7985MG. A Futaba 4PL was used to handle all the radio work. Lastly, we used Pro-Match Racing Lipo batteries during testing.


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