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LiveRC’s Thursday Testimonials: Pro-Line “PowerStroke” shocks

Pro-Line Racing “PowerStroke” SCT shocks



The Pro-Line Racing “PowerStroke” shocks for shortcourse truck racing are nothing new to the market, however, they are new to us. At a recent event the rules of Stock Traxxas Slash class allowed for changes to aftermarket parts, however, the stock ESC/motor were still required. We felt there would be no better time to try out the Pro-Line Racing shocks!

These shocks are a universal fit for many shortcourse trucks on the market today including Traxxas, Associated, Kyosho, HPI, and several others. These shocks feature two springs (one big, one small) which offers a dual stage spring rate. An aluminum threaded shock body and cap in cooperation with thick 3.5mm shafts provide a very durable and smooth working setup.

(Option spring set sold seperately.)

Upon replacing our stock Traxxas shocks with the Pro-Line “PowerStroke” shocks, we used the standard Pro-Line springs included with 35 wt. oil front and rear. The pre-threaded shock bodies allowed for easy ride-height adjustment, and it wasn’t long before we hit the track. The dual springs allow for fine tuning the characteristics of the shocks using downloadable tuning guide. Using the optional Pro-Line spring sets we were able to find a spring setup front and rear that was soft enough to absorb the bumps, yet also handle the big jumps and hard landings. Our lap times improved using the “PowerStroke” shock setup, and definitely enhanced the performance of the truck.

Sold in pairs, and pre-assembled.
Durable and stylish aluminum shock body and cap design.
Beefy 3.5mm shafts.
Dual springs allow for fine tuning and dual spring rates.

Most hobby shops and tracks do not carry replacement parts.

Without a doubt, the Pro-Line “PowerStroke” shocks are a vast improvement over the stock Slash shocks. The PL shocks are available with adapters to fit a long list of other vehicles in addition as well. Most hobby shops do not carry these shocks or replacement shafts, caps, and replacement parts for them. If you were to bend or break a shock shaft, cap, or internal part, they most often must be ordered and shipped directly from Pro-Line…which won’t help you get it fixed for the next qualifier. Overall the shocks are easy to work with, easy to tune, and very durable. We do recommend the optional spring sets in addition to the shocks, as they offer a wide range of setups for the various tracks and terrain you will be running on.

Beacon Rating: 4/5

Source: LiveRC.com