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Pro-Line RC Cop Stop 6.25.19

Yesterday I gave a police presentation at one of our housing projects. The kids loved driving the Pro-Line MT 4×4 during one of their summer programs.

Friends of Pro-Line

RC COPSTOP Jr. Police Academy Presentation with Pro-Line PRO-2

At the end of June I was asked to give a presentation for our Jr Police Academy. There were approx 60 kiddos signed up. Every kid was able to drive the Pro-Line PRO-2 with the Pro-Line Street Fighter tires. They were very excited to ramp this RC and to have the PRO-2 soar over them. […]

Friends of Pro-Line

RC Cop Stop Fun With The Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

I stopped by one of our Housing Projects last week and had fun with the kids driving the PRO-2 SC Truck. Thank you again, Matt H.

Friends of Pro-Line / Street Team

RC CopStop Featuring Matt’s Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Pursuit Vehicle!

We had our first snowfall yesterday in IL!  I’m pretty sure people forget how to drive when the pavement if covered so they decide to hit things! Last Friday I went to one of our youth centers for at risk kids, The Parsons Center.  They loved driving the Pro-Line PRO-2 and I also tried out […]

Bashing / Friends of Pro-Line / Street Team

RC CopStop: Paw Patrol Safety Day with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

Went to participate in a Safety Day with Paw Patrol meet and greet today. About 200 kids attended and all who wanted to drive the PRO-2, did. I went through a lot of battery packs.  It seemed like all 200 drove the PRO-2 SC Truck!!! Thank you again for your support. Matt Hermsmeier Quincy, IL Police […]

Friends of Pro-Line

Officer Matt Hersmeier with RC CopStop shows off his Pro-Line PRO-2 to the Kids

A daycare provider asked if I could speak to the kids she babysits because some had questions about police officers and said that some  were scared/apprehensive because of the loud sirens and guns officers wear. I made arrangements and stopped by there today and spoke to the kiddos and let them drive the Pro-Line PRO-2 […]

Friends of Pro-Line

RCCopStop: PRO-2 RC Presentation

Myself and an officer (I’m training) were able to show off the PRO-LINE PRO-2 SC truck today to a school that provides services to kids with disabilities that our public schools are not able to provide. When I asked their director if this would be beneficial to her students, she was ecstatic. She said that […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Street Team

RC COPSTOP Out Helping Our Youth with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

I am currently training a new police officer in our Field Training Program and yesterday we stopped by one of our summer Youth Community Centers for at-risk juveniles.  During our COPSTOP,  about 20 kids were able to drive the Pro-Line PRO-2.  They had a blast.  The kids were especially excited to see the PRO-2 ramp […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Race Events

Quincy Police Department RC CopStop with Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

This morning I went to our Early Childhood and Family Center School for “Community Helpers Day”.  This is a pre-kindergarten school that has mostly 3-4 yr old students (most come from at risk families).  As I was introducing myself, one of the little boys said that his dad told him to never talk to the […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Press Releases

Fairbault County Sheriffs Dept – RC Bashing not Bullying featuring Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

First and foremost I need to not only thank Pro-Line for their support but I also want to thank Officer Matt Hermsmeier of the Quincy PD and his RC COPSTOP program for the idea and his support. His idea started this all for me. RC bashing not bullying is a program I am starting within […]