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Friends of Pro-Line

RC Cop Stop of showing off the Joys of RC to Special Olympic Athletes!

Today I helped out with our student Special Olympic athletes at our YMCA. There were approx 180 students. Most of the kiddos got a chance to drive the Pro-Line PRO-2.

Friends of Pro-Line / Street Team

RC Cop Stop Presents to Parochial School Featuring Pro-Line PRO-2

RC Cop Stop gave a police RC presentation to one of our parochial schools this morning. The kids had so much fun driving the Pro-Line PRO-2.

Friends of Pro-Line

RC Cop Stop: Thrilling The Kids with the Pro-Line PRO-2

I visited a class today and spoke to some 8th graders about police officer’s duties, our uniforms and what tools we use/wear. They were also given an opportunity to the Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Truck and an on-road modified RC with Pro-Line Street Fighter Tires.

Friends of Pro-Line

RC COPSTOP Jr. Police Academy Presentation with Pro-Line PRO-2

At the end of June I was asked to give a presentation for our Jr Police Academy. There were approx 60 kiddos signed up. Every kid was able to drive the Pro-Line PRO-2 with the Pro-Line Street Fighter tires. They were very excited to ramp this RC and to have the PRO-2 soar over them. […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Street Team

RC CopStop featuring the Pro-Line PRO-2 and Street Fighter Tires

Well I tried out the new Late Model body today at one of our local church preschools.  The kids thought it looked cool,but they much rather wanted to see the Pro-Line PRO-2 JUMP. I used Pro Line Street Fighter tires on both RCs and they worked awesome on the parking lot asphalt.

Friends of Pro-Line

RC Cop Stop: Health and Wellness Night with the Pro-Line PRO-2

Tonight I was asked to represent the Quincy Police Dept at one of our elementary schools “Health and Wellness Night”. I set up an obstacle course for the kids to race the Pro-Line PRO-2 (they also raced each other). The PRO-2 and the kids jumped over “Police Do Not Cross” crime scene tape and raced […]

Friends of Pro-Line

RCCoptStop Fights the Streets with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

Hope all is going well for you!  Things are good here.  I stopped by one of our after school youth programs with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC “QPD Police” Truck. The truck handled awesome with the Pro Line Street Fighter Tires.  The kids had a great time driving and ramping.  Several kids had questions about the […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Press Releases / Street Team

RC Cop Stop: Midwest heatwave brings out the Pro-Line PRO-2!

We had a heat wave here in the Midwest today (48 degrees), so I was able to give a presentation to a middle school class this afternoon. The kids loved the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck and want me to come back next week!!! Hope all is well.  Here are some pictures. Thank you again for all […]

Factory Team / Friends of Pro-Line / Street Team

RC CopStop offers an awesome opportunity for children with the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck

I went to Dewey Elementary School last Tuesday and gave a police presentation to the school. It rained, but was able to let some if the students drive the Pro-Line PRO-2 inside their gym. Thanks again for all your support, Matt Hermsmeier

Friends of Pro-Line

RC CopStop Community Outreach Featuring Pro-Line PRO-2

Today I gave a presentation, upon a teacher request, to a pre-K class on what police officers do and…………… know, while incorporating  the PRO-2 Short Course Truck into the presentation. The kids loved it and also made me pictures.  Thank you again for your kind support Thanks, Officer Matt Hermsmeier