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RC Cop Stop : Crushing Covid-19…….RC style

“Crushing Covid-19…….RC style (spikey balls all I could find to represent a Covid Cell).

Just a quick message to THANK a few RC companies who have assisted me throughout the last 6 yrs or so.

I’ve just started my 23rd yr as a police officer and about 7 yrs ago I decided to incorporate RCs as a way to build police relationships with at risk kids.  These COPSTOPS have evolved into giving RC presentations to schools, daycares, church programs, Cancer/Autism events, Special Olympics, nursing/Veteran facilities and pretty much anywhere where I can interact with kids and adults through RC so they can see police officers in a different way..

I wanted to share and recognize the key companies/people who have been instrumental in supporting my police/RC program.

Pro-Line Racing (Jessica and Matt)

Venom/Atomik (James and Jack)

HobbyWing North America (Adam and Alex)

I am very appreciative and grateful for their assistance.”