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Friends of Pro-Line

RC CopStop Community Outreach Featuring Pro-Line PRO-2

Today I gave a presentation, upon a teacher request, to a pre-K class on what police officers do and…………… know, while incorporating  the PRO-2 Short Course Truck into the presentation. The kids loved it and also made me pictures.  Thank you again for your kind support Thanks, Officer Matt Hermsmeier

Friends of Pro-Line

Officer Matt Hersmeier with RC CopStop shows off his Pro-Line PRO-2 to the Kids

A daycare provider asked if I could speak to the kids she babysits because some had questions about police officers and said that some  were scared/apprehensive because of the loud sirens and guns officers wear. I made arrangements and stopped by there today and spoke to the kiddos and let them drive the Pro-Line PRO-2 […]