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RC Car Action Video: Glue Tires Like A Pro

If you’re about to glue your first set of tires, check out these tips before you begin. Here’s a few tips to make sure those new tires stay on the rim and keep you in the front of the competition. Pro-Line Pro-Bond Glue #6031-00 Pro-Line Tire Bands #6086-00 Pro-Line Proton 2.2″ M3 (Soft) Off-Road Buggy […]

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RCCA: Pro-Line Sneak peek from the Cactus Classic Pits

As with any big race, the pit area of the 28th Annual Cactus Classic at SRS was full of new products from a wide variety of manufacturers – including new products being run in race conditions for the first time! Here’s a look at new Pro-Line products found in the pit area this year. Pro-Line […]

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LiveRC: Pro-Bond Tire Glue and Tire Bands Review

Pro-Line Racing “Pro-Bond” Tire Glue and Tire Bands $9.95 (Pro-Bond Tire Glue) $12.95 (Tire Bands)   When it comes to mounting up and gluing your tires, glue is glue…right? WRONG. There are hundreds of different types and brands of tire glue on the market today, none of which are exactly the same. Some are […]

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Big Squid RC Review – Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

We recently got the chance to check out the new Buggy Conversion Kit from Pro-Line. This kit makes it easy to change your P-L PRO-2 short course truck into a scale looking off-road buggy. Here is what we found out… From – Pro-Line Racing Direct Link – PL Buggy Conversion Kit Pro-Line Buggy Conversion Kit […]

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RC Soup: Secure-loc Wing Mount

  Looking for a trick way to mount your buggy wing? Try using Pro-Line Racing Secure-Loc cap kit. I trimmed the body clip mounts off, drilled a hole in the center where the factory mount was and installed the set screws. It holds the wing tight and will look good too. Check out this step by […]

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RC Driver Review: Pro-Line’s PRO-2 Short Course Truck

Win This Truck Feeling lucky? Scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up to win an awesome Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Truck! Talk about big industry news, Pro-Line a leader in tires, bodies and accessories for decades has finally made the jump into offering a vehicle and all I have to say is, […]

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RC Network: Pro-Line Track Bag w/ Tool Holder

Storage and portability is a huge part of RC. The Pro-Line Track bag delivers in both size and storage for those of us who need a bit more storage than a pencil box! I have used many bags from non-traditional tool bags to large rollered haulers and this thing is the perfect size for bags […]

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Big Squid RC Hop-Up Sereies Part #1 – Vaterra Halix – Upgrading the Shocks

One of our favorite all around bash machines here at BigSquidRC is the Vaterra Halix monster truck. While out of the box it is great fun to bash, we are doing a series of hop-up articles to make it truly epic. This week we’ll start off the series by upgrading the shocks. The stock shocks […]

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RC Network: Pro-Line Pro-Spec SCT Shocks – From Bag to Truck

Pro-Spec Short Course Truck Shocks: Front: #6308-00 Rear: #6308-01

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Big Squid RC: Upgrading Your RTR Axial SCX10

If you read Part 1 of this guide (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT) you may remember that for the Part 2 portion of “Upgrading Your RTR Axial SCX10″ I planned on limiting the budget to $100. Well, in the grand tradition of every single r/c project I’ve been apart of…we are going over budget! […]