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RC Soup: Secure-loc Wing Mount



Looking for a trick way to mount your buggy wing? Try using Pro-Line Racing Secure-Loc cap kit.

I trimmed the body clip mounts off, drilled a hole in the center where the factory mount was and installed the set screws. It holds the wing tight and will look good too.


Check out this step by step guide that was provided to us by Pro-Line Driver Jim Hustins

STEP 1 – Remove your old wing.

My old wing was showing the battle scars of racing. I figured it was a great time to mod the wing mount with the Secure-Loc caps.

JH Wing 1

STEP 2 – Mark the center mount.

JH Wing 2

STEP 3 – Trim the buttons.

Using a pair of side cutters, I trimmed the body clip buttons off of the wing mount.

 JH Wing 3

STEP 4 – Drill holes

Using a 1/16 drill bit first and finishing with a 1/8 drill bit, I drilled the holes for the Secure-Loc set screws.

JH Wing 4

 STEP 5 – Install hardware

Then I screwed in the set screws and installed the o-rings.

JH Wing 5

STEP 6 – Prep your new wing and Install

I cut holes in the wing with a body reamer and installed using the Secure-Loc caps.

JH Wing 6

JH Wing 8

 Step 7 – Enjoy!