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Nick Blais takes the PRO-2 SC Win at JBRL Round 8! Multiple Podiums for the Blais Family

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October 25th, 2013

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Blais Racing, JBRL Round 8 Race Report!  Series Finale

JBRL Round 8
Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway 
10-19-2013By Chris Blais:Hot Rod Hobbies would be the location for the last race of the 2013 JBRL Series.  I would arrive Friday morning to meet my parents and brother there for some free practice courtesy of Jimmy Babcock for the final round.  The track was in perfect shape and they ran it dry so traction wasn’t a problem.  My Pro-Line tires were hooked up all weekend.  After a few batteries through all my cars I was dialed in for Saturday Racing.The first heat Saturday would be Pro 4.  I would take the win in Heat 1 and the early TQ.  In the next race Rudy Rico and my brother Nick would beat me out and set me in 3rd after the first round.  In the Heat 2 the temperature would rise and so would traction.  Everyone was going faster and I would finish up qualifying 7th in Pro 4 for the main event.  In the main I got off to a good start and after 2 laps was in 3rd place.  About mid way through the race I made a mistake in the middle triple/ double section that put me back to 7th.  I would make it back up to 6th overall but that 1 mistake cost me a podium spot.  My Coyote Hobbies/ Pro-Line/ Venom/ Tekin/ Airtronics sponsored Pro 4 worked awesome all weekend.

In 4×4 buggy I would have a good all around weekend.  My Team Associated B44.2 always works great no matter where I go.  My Pro-Line MX Scrubs and Suburbs were hooked up and I could go anywhere I wanted on the track.  I would have some small mistakes in both my heat races and would qualify 4th. Matthew Pages and I would be tied going into this round and whoever beat one another this round would get 2nd in the championship.   In the main event I would have a good race and would finish 2nd place beating out Matthew by 1 position.  This would give me 2nd place in the series $150 payout and a Free Car from TLR.  Its awesome that JBRL pays out at the end of the year.  Jimmy paid out over $9000 back to the racers this year.

Mod 4×4 Finals: Jimmy Barnett 1st, Chris Blais 2nd, Matthew Pages 3rd

Mod 4wd Buggy A Main at Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway Round 8 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Mod 4wd Buggy A Main at Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway Round 8 2013 JBRL Electric Series

In 1/8 Scale E-Buggy I would have a rough first round but would come back in the second round to put my Venom/ Tekin  PoweredTekno EB-48 in 3rd place qualifying position.  In the main event David Jensen would lead the way with Nick Blais and myself.  In the second turn I would get taken out and would be in last position.  I made up a few spots but would have the race end early due to a mechanical issue.

I would like to thank all my sponsors: Coyote Hobbies, Pro-Line, Venom, Tekno, Team Associated, Tekin & Airtronics. My Pro-Line tires kept me hooked up all year and my cars were fast as hell with my awesome Tekin motors and electronics.  Venom batteries kept me running through all the long mains with plenty of power to spare.  My Tekno 1/8 scale has been awesome all year along with my Team Associated B44.2. Thanks to Airtronics for stepping up to help us for the remaining 2013 season and 2014.  A huge thanks to Dave and Mona, owners of Coyote Hobbies for a ton of support and an awesome facility to practice and race at.

1/8 Scale Buggy at Palm Desert Raceway Round 7 2013 JBRl Electric Series

1/8 Scale Buggy at Palm Desert Raceway Round 7 2013 JBRl Electric Series

By Nick Blais:

I was to arrive Friday afternoon to get some time on the track.  The track was in very good shape as usual.  It was a point and shoot track with some really big jumps and a tricky triple, double section in the middle.  I was to stiffen up the suspension on my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck and both my Tekno’s EB48 and SCT410.  I was hooked up with my Pro-Line MX IONs on the rear and a set of M3 Blockades on the front.  The MX Blockades were the ticket on my Tekno EB48.  After the track closed up for the day they did about 1.5 hours of track maintenance to get it ready for race day.

Qualifying went pretty good in the first round for me.  I was able to have a pretty good run with my SCT410 and was second qualifier after the first run.  The track would get faster in the afternoon and I was to try and go for it the second qualifier but I would make a mistake right off the bat and that would make me start 6th for the main event.  My Pro 2 run was off on the first heat and I was to make mistake after mistake and I would have to rely on my second qualifier for a good starting position.  I was able to pull it together in my 2nd qualifier.  I kept it safe not airing all the jumps and came away with a third place qualifying order for the main.  I was to go out and lay down the time to beat in 1/8 scale buggy as my Tekno EB48 was running great as usually.  The second qualifier was to come around and David Jensen was able to have a clean run and beat my TQ time by a few seconds.

Pro 4 Race 12 event came around first and it was off to a very bad start for me.  After we took off Dunford got into the pipe trying to keep a tight line and we were to go over the triple jump pretty close to each other and then I got on the brakes hard but it wasn’t quite enough running into him ever so lightly.  He was able to straighten and get away in the same position.  So I was right there on him and then for the third race in a row my own teammate Chad ran into me on the first lap and took me out of contention for a podium position.  I had the worst possible first lap ever.  By the time I got going I was almost a lap down.  I put it in race mode and I was on the charge the whole race and started to catch people, around minute two.  I made my way through the pack pretty fast and toward the end of the race I was almost in podium position.  If I only had one more minute, I would have been able to get there but it was a good race being that I caught up so much.  I would have to settle for a 5th place finish.

Pro 2 race 22 I wanted to make a charge for the front right away being that it is very hard to make up time in pro 2 later in the race.  So I went for the triple on the first lap and go figure a little gust of wind came and it was all over for me.  I got flipped back over and on the charge, it was a race between 2nd-6th place and everyone started getting desperate going big off the jumps and messing them up.  Cody Turner went so big over a double that he flat landed flew over me and then crashed because his truck hit so hard.  Dunford was running away with the lead and Casper and I were onto him.  After about minute 4 Dunford would finally get that rhythm in the middle wrong and let both of us catch up.  After the next big triple jump Casper was to get blown away and I was to take the lead from Dunford in the same corner.  Then the next lap I would get the same treatment that Casper got the lap before, Dunford got back by and I pinned it to the next corner and passed him back.  After that I was just to keep it going and no one was able to catch up.  I was able to put my Pro-Line Pro 2 truck in the #1 spot for the third time this year.  Now you can have the same winning truck as me in a kit http://Pro-Lineracing.com/pro-2-sc-1-10-2wd-kit

Pro 2 Finals: Cody Turner 1st, Nick Blais 2nd, Ryan Dunford 3rd 

1/8 scale race 23 I had a great start and was right on Jenson for the first few laps and then I got it wrong in the whoop section turning in a little early.  After getting straight I was able to stay in the same position but Rudy was right on me.  Then I made another mistake after the triple jump.  I got lucky and didn’t need help but now the race was on for me.  I had just put some new Pro-Line Blockades for the main and they just needed to wear in a little.  After a little break in I was able to keep it going for the next 5 minutes or so until Casper and Rudy started to put the pressure on.  Then I started to not breathe and forget to blink.  I started to get the rhythm wrong and it started affecting my driving big time.  I pulled a sweet front flip that didn’t even slow me down!  A little later I got a little sideways of the big triple and my Tekno did a weird spin that would let both Rudy and Casper sneak by.  After a few blinks and a deep breath I was to just start driving smooth again and on the next to last lap Casper was to crash and let me by to pick up the 3rd place spot.

Season final points would add up to a 5Th place overall place for Pro 4 with the Tekno SCT410.  I would walk away with a 2nd place overall in Pro 2 with my new Pro-Line Pro 2 SC truck.  Of course not to mention my Tekno 1/8 scale EB48 buggy I would take a 3rd overall only losing 2nd by “1 participation point”.

1/8 Scale Finals:  Chad Panek 1st, David Jensen 2nd, Nick Blais 3rd

I would like to throw out a big thanks to all of our sponsors Pro-Line for the great selection of the tires they offer and the onsite help they supply at the JBRL series.  80% of the races are based on traction that Pro-Line has offer.   Tekno for the great unbeatable product they sell.  I put them together at the beginning of the season and haven’t even rebuilt a diff with them still in tip top shape.  Venom, for all the battery power to get me through all the races without a single failure.  Tekin shares credit being paired with venom product to be best in class electronic  products  out there.  Thanks to Coyote Hobbies for all the track time and good attitudes they have in the high desert.  The biggest thanks of all would have to go to my family to back each other up.  The Blais Racing crew comes ready to race!  Trailer in tow and to the races we go.  Watch out as were coming to sweep the series next year!   Join KTMDakarDad on You Tube and see all the latest videos we have to offer.

Pro 2 A Main at Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway Round 8 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Pro 2 A Main at Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway Round 8 2013 JBRL Electric Series


Sportsman 4x4 Short Course A Main at Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway Round 8 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Sportsman 4×4 Short Course A Main at Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway Round 8 2013 JBRL Electric Series

Round 8 Sportsman 4wd Podium:  Ian Krodich 1st, Vince Stolo 2nd, Martin Blais 3rd

Martin Blais would round off the year with a Podium at Round 8 in 4wd Short Course. He would finish up the year with a 4th Overall in Sportsman 4wd SC, 9th overall in 1/8 E-Buggy, and 8th in Sportsman Short Course.  We love competing as a family and are thankful for everyone’s support.

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