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RC-Cop-Stop 10-10 / 11-16-23 Presentation

Just wanted to share the presentation’s I gave these past few days


Yesterday I visited a daycare and spent some time talking about safety with some kiddos. They also are helped me drive the Arrma Outcast with Proline Menace 3.8 tires    Lots of cheers and hugs!!!!!


I visited two kindergarten classrooms early this week and brought with me the Arrma Granite and  Arrma Vorteks.  Both sport the Proline Powerstroke shocks and Proline Trenchers 

The kids had fun helping ramp!!


Hope all is good with you,  I visited one of my favorite schools today with the Arrma Vendetta sporting the ProtoForm Mustang police body. These kiddos are awesome.

Thanks for all your support