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Blais Racing Takes 2 Podiums at JBRL Round 9 Finals on Pro-Line Tires

JBRL Round 9 Hot Rod Hobbies Raceway 10-18-2014 By: Chris Blais Round 9 of the JBRL finals would be held at the home track “Hot Rod Hobbies”. For all large events the track here is run dry and Blue Groove. I made sure to order up a supply of Pro-Line X2 Compound Tires for all […]

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Blais Racing Takes 3 in JBRL Round 7 at SDRC Raceway on Pro-Line Ions and Suburbs

By: Chris Blais Round 7 of the JBRL Series would take place at the huge SDRC Raceway facility in San Diego.  It’s been 2 years since I have been here and was looking forward to the weekend.  I arrived Friday to make sure I got a full days practice session in to be prepared for […]

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Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Custom Setup From Buddy Blacksmith

First off I want to thank everyone at Pro-Line for the support that we all receive with your exceptional products! I did the PRO-2 Short Course Truck build Nick Blais style and it ran great! The truck just had a little jumping out on acceleration that needed curbed. So I went researching what was working out in […]

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Race Report: Rain-Man’s Hobbies with Blais Racing Team

By: Nick Blais JBRL heads up to Rainman’s raceway in Bakersfield to get round 3 started.  I carpooled up after working a half day Friday, with friends Ricardo and Ed Bender from Benders Bodies.  I got a lot of practice in with all my vehicles. All my vehicles were hooked up on Pro-Line clay IONs.  It […]

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Pro-Line Sweeps Mod Truck & 13.5 SC at JBRL Round 3!

Pro-Line drivers swept the podium in Mod Truck at JBRL Round 3 at Rainman’s Hobbies in Bakersfield, CA.  All 3 chose ION Truck Tires and BullDog Bodies. 1. Jake Mayo 2. Matt Gilbert 3. Wayne Wyrick Pro-Line drivers also swept the Super Stock Short Course Podium!  They chose ION SC tires and Flo-Tek SC Bodies! […]

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Nick and Chris Blais in Pro4 at JBRL Electric Series

Check out the Pro4 Short Course A-Main at Coyote Hobbies Raceway Round 2 2014 JBRL Electric Series with Nick and Chris Blais racing. Be sure to check out the Blais Racing Services  online store. Pro 4 A Main at Coyote Hobbies Raceway Round 2 2014 JBRL Electric Series        

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Race Report: Blais Racing, JBRL Round 2!

Coyote Hobbies RC Raceway 4-19-2014 By: Nick Blais  JBRL heads up to the high desert to a new venue at Coyote Hobbies Raceway. I drove up after working a half day Friday and was to arrive to a not to packed building. I got a lot of practice in with my Pro-Line PRO-2 truck and […]

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Pro-Line Team Takes 6 Wins at JBRL Rd. 2 at Coyote Hobbies

 JBRL Electric Round 2 traveled to Coyote Hobbies in Victorville for the first time in Series History. Racers were treated to an amazing facility, extremely fun layout and awesome food!  Jimmy and the whole JBRL crew did a great job as always keeping the 330+ entries moving along so we could end at a decent […]

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Race Report: JBRL RD1 with Blaise Racing Team

JBRL Round 1 IERC Raceway  3-8-2014 By Nick Blais:  JBRL seemed like it took forever to come this year. I showed up on Friday for some much needed practice and to get my cars set up to do battle. The whole Coyote Hobbies team showed up and helped all the Blais Racing Team out saving […]

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JBRL RD. 1 Race Report – PL Team Wins 4!

  The 2014 JBRL season kicked off at IERC last weekend with a record 415 entries!  For a single day race event this has to be some sort of world record and shows how well the Electric Off-Road Racing side of our hobby is doing.  Jimmy and the JBRL crew did an amazing job of […]