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JBRL RD. 1 Race Report – PL Team Wins 4!



The 2014 JBRL season kicked off at IERC last weekend with a record 415 entries!  For a single day race event this has to be some sort of world record and shows how well the Electric Off-Road Racing side of our hobby is doing.  Jimmy and the JBRL crew did an amazing job of keeping a tight schedule all day and got the races done much sooner than expected considering the massive amount of entries. The Pro-Line team took home 4 class wins including Mod Short Course, Mod Truck, Super Stock Buggy and Super Stock Short Course!  Read below for Podium Pictures and the Pro-Line products the team used to win!

PL Pit and Podium

IERC Podium for JBRL and the Pro-Line Pits

PRO-2 Buggy JBRL

The new PRO-2 Buggy Conversion was brought along just in case there was a SC Buggy class!

The Pits

The IERC Pits filled to capacity!

Track JBRL Tent

The Track and JBRL Tech Inspection

Cody Turner Wins Mod SC - Nick Blais PRO-2 Gets 2nd

Pro 2 Short Course (A Main)

1. Cody Turner with ION SC MC tires, Renegade Wheels & Flo-Tec Body

2. Nick Blais with PRO-2 SCION SC MC tires, F-11 Wheels & Flo-Tec Body

Wayne Wyrick Wins Mod Truck

2wd Modified Truck (A Main)

1. Wayne Wyrick with ION MC Truck tires and BullDog Body

Matt Gilbert Wins Super Stock SC

Super Stock Short Course (13.5 No Timing (A Main)

1. Matt Gilbert with ION SC MC tires, Renegade Wheels & Flo-Tec Body

Wayne Wyrick Wins Super Stock Buggy

Super Stock Buggy (13.5 No Timing) (A Main)

1. Wayne Wyrick with ION Front and Rear, BullDog Body and Wing

Congratulations to all of the Round 1 winners and especially Pro-Line’s Cody Turner, Wayne Wyrick and Matt Gilbert!  Use Pro-Line to take YOU to the Top Step on the Box!