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Stéphane Doucet at 2020 Winter Championship Race 1

Race 1 of 5 for our 2020 winter championship held at La Barque indoor carpet track, in Pointe-Verte NB on Saturday, January 4th.


Im racing in 2wd buggy and Stadium.


I installed the carpet on friday evening, and wanted to do a few practice laps but had forgot my transmitter at home.

Saturday morning, i was there early to make sure everything was ready for the race.

Timing system, trophies, banners still up, and that my 2 cars were ready to race.


While waiting for the first qualifier to start, i helped one racer to setup his new speed control in his 4wd short course and also helped him out with his new transmitter, making sure he had the correct settings and it was calibrated.

We did 2 rounds of qualifier and then a double main.


In q1, i didnt had much luck as i didnt had good traction in my 2wd buggy, wrong tire choice, (tried Pro-Line Prime without tire sauce) and it was too slipery to keep on the track. In stadium, one of my steering links popped out on the first corner and I had to watch the remaining of the 5 minute qualifier.


In Q2, i started good with the 2wd buggy with Pro-Line Electrons M4 with a dab of traction compound and got the 2nd time of my heat, which put me 6th overall.

In stadium, again on the first lap, i hit the side of the track and popped the same link again, the turn marshall was able to put it back on but the damages were done. I was on the last starting spot, 9th

A1 – In 2wd buggy i had a good run, that gave me 4th.

In stadium, again mechanical failure, another link this time in the rear, gave me a DNF


A2 – In 2wd buggy, i had a good fight for the 3rd place but got pushed on the side of the track and took a few seconds for the marshall to get me back. With lap times around 13 seconds, it doesnt take much to fall behind. I pushed hard and was able to get a few positions back but ran out of time. Finished 5th overall.

In stadium, this time, everything fixed, i had to do a good run to take a podium spot. At the tone, starting from the back of the grid, i began climbing up, one position at a time, really consistent run and I finished 2nd!!! But to my surprise, my transponder failed to pickup 5 of my laps and it placed me in last place. Finished 9th place overall.

We have found that a good working tire would be the Pro-Line Prism Z3, and i have some in the mail for my stadium and new 4wd buggy. I cant wait for next race, February 1st. 


Thank you very much for the support!


– Stéphane Doucet