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RCCopStop: PRO-2 RC Presentation

Myself and an officer (I’m training) were able to show off the PRO-LINE PRO-2 SC truck today to a school that provides services to kids with disabilities that our public schools are not able to provide.

When I asked their director if this would be beneficial to her students, she was ecstatic. She said that 95% of her students are nonverbal, but that this police RC contact would help with their visual and audio stimulation.

7-2016 QPD RCCopStop 1.1

After we showed the kids our squad car, I ran the PRO-LINE PRO-2 with PRO-LINE Street Fighter tires in their parking lot.

2-2016 QPD RCCopStop 3.1

The kiddos really enjoyed our presentation with the PRO-2. Some were visibly/verbally excited and others thanked us with their voice activated computer programs to help them communicate.

7-2016 QPD RCCopStop 2.1

Thank you and PRO-LINE for continuing to assist me with the RCCopStop program.

Matt Hermsmeier Quincy Police (IL)