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Dillon Caldwell at 2016 Winter Nats on Pro-Line Electrons


I qualified 3rd in the B-Main in 4WD Buggy with my XRay XB4, I had a great start, and got to the lead on lap 2! I held the lead for most of the race, and had a mistake, and I gave up the lead to Jonathan Burkhalter but got it back 2 laps later!! I held the lead to the end getting the bump spot into the A-Main series.
A-1: Starting 11th I had a bad run and got 11th. A-2: I had a great run and finished 6th! A-3: I had a decent run and finished 9th! I ended up taking the 10th spot overall. This is the best I’ve ever done with this level of competition.

I ran Pro-Line M4 Electrons and the Trifecta Wing.

I qualified 6th in the A-Main in Mod Stadium Truck. I had a great start and got up to 3rd in the first minute! I ended up dropping back down to 6th and finished up 6th. I ran the M4 Electrons and the BullDog Body for the MM RT6.

I qualified 3rd in the D-Main in 2WD Mod Buggy. I had an OK race and finished up in third.
I ran the M4 Electrons and the BullDog body for the RB6.

Thanks so much for the wonderful Pro-Line products!

Dillon Caldwell