Friends of Pro-Line / Race Events

Quincy Police Department RC CopStop with Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck


This morning I went to our Early Childhood and Family Center School for “Community Helpers Day”.  This is a pre-kindergarten school that has mostly 3-4 yr old students (most come from at risk families).  As I was introducing myself, one of the little boys said that his dad told him to never talk to the Police.  I encouraged him that Police Officers are approachable people and we are there to help (more on that little boy later).

After the introductions and explaining what I wear and what Police do, I showed the 3-4 yr olds the PRO-2 SC RC Police Truck.  The kids were very excited to say the least.  Each child was allowed to drive and ramp the PRO-2 (with my help) and they had a blast!!!  


Most have never seen an RC like this before, much less driveone. The little boy who’s dad told him not to talk to the Police…. well we became buddies while giving each other high fives and fist bumps.

I again wanted to thank you, Ms Jessica and Pro-Line for helping me (and the Quincy Police Department) to help build trusting relationships between the Police and the youth.

Many Thanks,

Matt Hermsmeier