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Fairbault County Sheriffs Dept – RC Bashing not Bullying featuring Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck


First and foremost I need to not only thank Pro-Line for their support but I also want to thank Officer Matt Hermsmeier of the Quincy PD and his RC COPSTOP program for the idea and his support. His idea started this all for me.

RC bashing not bullying is a program I am starting within the school district that I work as an SRO. I am employed with the Faribault County Sheriffs Office as a Sheriff’s Deputy and I am assigned to the Blue Earth Area School district in Blue Earth, MN.

Featuring Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck


The idea of the program is to allow me to interact with the students and open up communication lines between them and Law Enforcement. I plan to speak to them anywhere it is possible like the playground, in classrooms or in presentations. I want the students to not only learn about Bullying but to also not fear law enforcement both at home and in school. Regardless of what they may see on TV or on the internet I want the students to know that law enforcement is trust worthy and will help them whenever they need it.
The program is not solely based on talking about bullying I plan to also use the program for a reward or an incentive for students that have a harder time in school either academically or behaviorally. If they improve either their school work and or their behavior, I work with their teacher so the student will be able to have some one on one time with me and the R/C Trucks.


I assembled the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC kit and painted the body to resemble the squad car that I currently drive on the streets. I purchased a set of Pro-Line ProTrac F11 2.2″/3.0″ Red and Black bead-loc Wheels and a set of Pro-Line Street fighter SC 2.2″/3.0″ tires since most of the driving we will be doing will be either in doors or on the playground pavement. I put some of the Pro-Line Decals on that I received and the Sheriff’s striping that a friend of mine Eric Allis donated from his local company. Eric printed them in reverse and I installed them on the inside so they didn’t get damaged right away. His company is Flatline Designs and they also stripe all of the actual squad cars for not only my Sheriff’s Office but also several of the local Police Departments in the area.


I also use in conjunction with the Pro-line PRO-2 SC another truck that the students are allowed to drive and I am able to chase them with the PRO-2 SC. I have purchased a ramp and some miniature cones to set up and use with the R/C trucks.

I want to Thank Pro-line for their assistance and look forward to representing the Pro-Line company in our program.