Street Team

Allen Kosier goes indoor with Pro-Line Primes


After being rained out for 3 to 4 weeks with all this rain here in Florida we will head to Newred Hobbies in the morning where they always have you covered. We have yet to try out the Pro-Line Racing B5M since we got it. So hopefully we can get it tuned and and make some good runs. We will be using Pro-Line Primes in Front and Rear, Hobbywing Just Stock ESC, Trinty D4 and Pro-Line Body and Wing. I will see if I can pick up any more lap time with the B5M compared to the B5 I was running. After getting to Newred Hobbies Saturday morning. We started getting ready for the qualifiers. Taking some laps with the new B5m we ran Sportmans class and Stock to get more track time with it. Getting TQ and and starting in 1st position for Sportman. The car was running real good. Going into the A-Main for Sportsman I had almost 1/2 a track on 2nd place about half way through the Main and then coming down the front straight something came loose on the Buggy and sent us to ending the race in last.

Starting the Stock class in 7th and finishing 7th. I also hit my fastest lap ever at the track with the new Buggy of 18.7-sec. We were very happy with the car and will do some more tuning on it and come back and see what else we can improve on.

Thanks Pro-Line Racing, FTM Grip, River Rat RC Track, Moto1 RC Painting and Boca Bearings

Allen Kosier