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Blake Lirette Runs his PRO-2 SC turned ST


I got my first run last night with the PRO-2 SC Truck that I modified into a Stadium Truck. I just think Stadium Truck is the most fun class out there to drive.

Great night. The truck is a little loose on corner exit and the speedo required a lot of tuning to get it close. I’m not sure if reversing it changes other settings but it acted completely different than when it was in the Cubed.


The truck is very responsive to changes. I worked with turnbuckle length and roll centers and both made noticeable differences. I am geared much higher than what was recommended but with temps I had I am going to go higher. I will also work with motor timing a little.

A few tracks have already said that I will be able to run with the Short Course class so once I get some outdoor tires it will become my main focus.

I just don’t understand why ST isn’t more popular.

Thank you again for all of your support.
Blake Lirette