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Mason Eppley at 2015 Silver State on Pro-Line Hole Shots


After another really long drive, we arrived in Vegas. We got there Wednesday morning to get checked in and setup up our pit area. After a good night’s rest, we were ready for practice; RC Tracks of Las Vegas‘ track layout was really easy which meant it would be close racing! Everyone got two 7-minute practice sessions per class and the second one would count as our seeding into our qualifiers. Both my NB48 and NT48 felt really good, only having to make a few shock setup changes to account for the ruts. Seeding didn’t go as I would have liked it to go, as both of my runs were on a muddy track. I seeded into the B qualifier in intermediate Nitro Buggy and the D qualifier for Pro Nitro Truck.

Pro-Line Products used:
M3 Hole Shots
Velocity Wheels
Trifecta Wings

My Pro-Line M3 Hole Shots were definitely on point and the tire to use!


In Truck I was able to put together a pretty decent run but made a couple of bobbles putting me 23 overall for the round. Buggy went horrible. I somehow managed to run out of fuel putting me almost last for the round. In the next couple of qualifiers I continued to have bad luck with my Buggy engine, I was only able to get 1 good run in and that would seed me into the B-Main starting 7th. I had 2 good runs in Pro Truck putting into the C-Main starting 8th. After qualifying ended, I rebuilt both of my cars and was ready for my Mains the next day.


My C-Main in Pro Nitro Truck was up first for me, I felt like I had a good chance to bump, but unfortunately continued to have bad motor problems. The engines idle was way too high and it was also way to lean causing me to have a bad run on and basically no brakes as well as flaming out due to a glow plug burning out. I was hoping my Buggy Main would go better, I was able to get a great start and got into the lead by the second lap. Everything was going great, I had a huge lead and was on pace to lap the field! Then with about 4-minutes left in the race, my steering servo started to glitch and then died ending my chances to bump. I was really bummed out but I knew this kind of stuff happens and that I would have to move on and look forward to my next race, I felt better when I learned I definitely had the speed to podium in the A-Main.

Overall I had a fun weekend with a lot of great and supporting friends, I had really bad luck but my cars all worked great and I can’t complain about that!

I would like to thank my sponsors for all their help and continued support, Tekno RC, Pro-Line, DE Racing, Airtronics, Schelle, Byrons Fuels, Tekin, Reds Airbrush Design, and All Around RC!!!

Mason Eppley