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Pro-Line supports RC COPSTOP Program


I was finally able to start the Quincy Police Department RC COPSTOP program today with my first classroom presentation.

“..Rebuilding the trust in today’s youth towards the police.” with the use of RC.

I made one body with a battery operated police light bar (pretty much for show only) and a 2nd body (with foam stick-on glitter pads to resemble a police light bar) for the kids to bash. Both Bodies are Pro-Line.

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I had an overwhelming positive response today with a 6th grade class. I was able to allow each student (approx 25) to drive the RC a few laps and over a homemade ramp. They had a blast! Their teacher requested that I come back to her class before the end of the school year. I have 4 more presentations set for next week (after Easter break) ranging from K-3rd grade.

Thank you again Pro-Line for your support and sponsorship.

– Matt Hermsmeier (Quincy Police Department)