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Blake Lirett Warms-Up for the Midwest Championships on Pro-Line Transistors

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This past Saturday was the warm up for the Midwest Championships at CRCRC that will fire up Wednesday.

With this being a final send off, for now, of my Cubed I felt like giving it one more good run.

With 166 entries and 23 in Stock Buggy, a long day was awaiting me. I went to work early on with a baseline set-up and planned changes for the, just beautiful, layout. Early on, my Clay Transistor/Protons were nice but I wanted to try my Clay IONs on the front because they are my favorite Tire. Using the tube for guidance in practice however, ripped the sidewall leaving me with fewer front Tire choices than I wanted.

With the Transistors back on the front I qualified eighth at a 15/5:21 just around 18-seconds from TQ which for me, felt very good.

The second round I took a big swing at it, added 1mm to the front roll center, changed to a 35 pinion, and then also a 72 spur. While my best lap dropped a tenth, so did my talent level and overall I fell to tenth in the line-up.

It was at this time Curt decided to only run two qualifiers and I was ready to try Clay/M4 Electrons just to see what would happen.

With starting second in the B-Main, I just wasn’t confident enough in my driving to go that aggressive on the tires, so I changed back to what I had been running. I made a mistake. While I ran my best five minutes, 15/5:17, I was unable to keep pace with the pack and fell to fifth at the tone.

Thanks to Pro-Line for everything,

Blake Lirette