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Blake Lirette makes an impact at The Factory using Pro-Line Electrons and Suburbs


This past Sunday I made my way back to The Factory for a club race. With the speed I’ve been finding, I was confident about finding more. On this day I tried out a rear sway and with a little more time with softer front springs and different Tire Choices and I feel things will go even better.

For the first qualifier I started with Clay IONs/Clay Suburbs that were working early in the morning. I ended the round with a 13/5:07 which to date is equal to my fastest run and with a best lap of 22.5.

The second qualifier I went to Clay Electrons/M4 Protons on my XFactory Cubed and while my best lap moved down to a 22.4 my overall time gained four-seconds due to not being as consistent.

For the final qual. I moved to M4 Electrons on the rear of the Buggy and early on I was pecking at a 14 lap run until later on a few mistakes handed me a 13/5:03 and a fast lap of 22.3. I was around six-seconds from making the A.

Starting third in the B the first two corners went well until the third corner earned me another pile driver, for the third week in a row, from somebody leaving me eighth of nine before the first lap was even half over. The next two laps I drove a little slow trying to make my way through traffic cleanly. At the end of the race the seven-seconds I lost on the first lap was too much. I trailed second place by 1.5 seconds who was running my practice battery and M4 Suburbs on the rear. My best lap for the B was a 22 as I found a better line coming off the straight.

This Saturday will be my first WRL race at Sparks and the third in the series.

Thank you all again for your support.