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Blake Lirette braves it to the track and uses Pro-Line Electrons, IONs, and Suburbs

There are times in your life where a sign may tell you that your path needs to deviate. Perhaps 33 degrees and raining? Using a ditch on a hill to slow your car down because the road is a sheet of ice? Stopping to see if a stranded motorist in the ditch is ok? An Interstate Highway shut down for several accidents? Luckily my college degree is in Forestry and not in making sound decisions.

When I got to the track, about a half hour later than planned, I started in with my testing that’s been ongoing the last few trips. This time I worked on spring packages and found just what I liked for this day that was made to benefit the Champaign County food bank.

For the first qualifier things couldn’t have gone better, with my Clay IONs and M4 Electrons I immediately topped my best time from last week by getting a 13/5:06 with my top-ten lap average only .2 slower than my best lap.
The second qualifier I switched to M4 Suburbs on the rear and while my best lap was a touch faster I wasn’t as consistent.

For the third I went back to my original tire line up and I was scratching at a 14-lapper until a wheel suddenly became faster than the Buggy it was previously attached to. I finally put nylocks on and the trouble magically went away.

My time from the first qualifier left me seventh of twelve and after starting sixth I was able to make my way around the second turn pile up until I drove into the turn marshal. After that I struggled with getting a groove and at the end of seven-minutes I fell a spot to seventh in the running order.


All in all the day was great and made me forget about the drive there. The end truly was justified by the means.

Thank you all for your support!