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Blake Lirette Battles it out at DJO R/C Raceway

This past Sunday was the final race in a six race series for DJO Raceway and I held a one point lead in the Mod Buggy championship while continuing to run a legal 17.5 motor.

blake blake2

As qualifying started I was feeling pretty good with TQ for round one and my quickest time during the day races. The second and third round though did not go to plan as first my driving struggled and then in the third round a rock got stuck in a Wheel and as soon as the marshal picked my Buggy up, it fell out. I ended up fourth hoping I could drive better for the Main.

At the start of the Main I took off slow to tried and miss any pile-ups. Things went smoothly and by the second lap I had a small lead. Second place in the title hunt followed me closely for a few minutes but he did pass me. After the pass he never got more than ten seconds ahead of me and at the end it was only 1.2 seconds.


In four races there I TQ’d three times, won two races, and finished second twice. I did end up second in the points. Reed and I had the same amount of points and his four wins earned him the title.

I ran Pro-Line 4-Ribs on the front and Blockades on the rear

Thanks again for everything Pro-Line!

Blake Lirette