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Blake Lirette wins in 1:10 2WD at DJO Raceway on Pro-Line Blockades and 4-Ribs


Had another great day at DJO Raceway. Early on the track was dry and traction was low so I got myself into a mindset of having a good time and running good laps.

With only 4-Ribs and Blockades in my box I went to it and the Buggy ran great.

The first qualifier through the third I set TQ with my best round coming in the second round at 10/5:16. I was extremely close in this round at an eleven lapper but a bobble towards the end by another driver took it away. I was still very happy with the run. I was the only Buggy to get a ten lap run every qualifier.

For the Main I worked a little more with the radio, I upped my brake EPA and lowered my expo due to the track having a good bit of moisture. The 15/7:29 also gave me my best individual lap time of the day and my spread would be smaller but the first time we hit the timing light didn’t count as it was under the minimum time.

All in all I was very happy with my driving and the great products Pro-Line supplies me with.

blake results

Thanks again for all of your help!

Blake Lirette