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Pro-Line Driver Landen Lewis Wins the First Round of Super Cup

Space Coast R/C is one of the best tracks/facilities in Florida and across the nation.  This is the home of the 2014 1/10th scale Roar Nationals.  With over 200 entries, the 1st round of Supercup was hosted here and drivers all across Florida showed up to compete. A heavy blue groove was set, and with a new layout, Space Coast RC was ready to begin practice.

I knew coming up to the race that tires would be the main factor. With such a tight layout and fast competitors, every little bit of traction would be needed. I very soon picked up on the fact that M3 or soft compound tires were the way to go. Running these tires ensured that you would have great traction and your tires would last a whole raceIONs were DIALED on the Buggy as well as the SCT,  while Scrubs dominated on the Stadium Truck. Good friend and teammate Tilar Pollack found other combos best for his driving type.  He tried MC, MX, and X2 compounds as well as other treads.

Race day came around and it was on like Donkey Kong! The cars were ready to go and tires were glued. This super cup race was ran differently due to trophy representation for the previous series, so one qualifying round was ran on Saturday while the 2nd round and mains were ran on Sunday. My gameplan was to throw in a safe round and hopefully secure A-main positions on Saturday. This is exactly what happened!

I was able to qualify top 8 in all classes, but wasn’t finished yet. The next round of qualifying was the next day and I knew I could place very well if I worked even harder. I woke up around 6:00 AM Sunday morning and we drove out to SCRC. That morning I ran very clean and fast and was able to secure TQ for Short Course and top 5 for both buggy and truck. The mains were coming up and I did my regular routine. I mounted M3 ION tires for the rear and MX ION tires for the front of my Kyosho SC-R Short Course. I went with M3 Rear IONs and M3 Front Scrubs for Mid-Motor Kyosho RB6 Buggy, and M3 Scrubs all the way around for the Kyosho RT6 Stadium Truck.  Now for the intense part… THE MAINS!…

The mains were super exciting as I took TQ and Win in short course.  I was able to lead the entire race from the beginning.


In Buggy, I found myself the entire race following my Kyosho team mate, Billy Bruce. I felt as though I could have pushed the buggy a little more and try and battle with him, but we had such a nice lead on the rest of the field, I choose to play it safe and let Kyosho take 1 & 2 for the event. In Stadium Truck, I got a little caught up in traffic and was unable to catch the leaders but still made podium with a third place finish. The cars were awesome and the races were even better!



I would like to personally thank Daniel Adams and the whole Pro-Line Team, Kyosho, Peak, Airtronics, MIP, “Teeter”, Kustom RC Graphics, LFR,  Stickit1 Racing, Shiverville Raceway, and most importantly, Jesus Christ.

I hope you all had an amazing racing weekend!

Landen Lewis