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Elliott Boots Race Report


With the final 2 qualifying runs early in the morning Pro-Line Driver Elliott Boots took 2nd overall in qualifying, hoping to capitalize on any mistake Bloomfield made in the final.

At the start of the A final Elliott made a pass on Bloomers at the first corner, but with the tight track condition’s Darren tagged Elliott when he went through demoting Elliott back down the field, and with such a short lap driver etiquette went out the window and Bloomers decide not to wait and carry on.

Elliott put his head down and was soon back in 2nd but Darren was clear at the front, lapper’s made it really difficult to keep it smooth and consistent and some mistake’s towards the end would let Simon Willets past into 2nd place and Elliott in 3rd.

Towards the end Elliott was battling with Jack Embling for 3rd and 4th with Jack coming out on top due to a missed lap which was added at the end of the race.

Well done to the Storm Valley Crew for a Great meeting. 

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