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Pro-Line Team Wins 4 JBRL Series Championships!


The Final Round of  the JBRL Electric Series finished off at Jimmy’s home track – Hot Rod Hobbies.  Many Championships came down to the wire and Pro-Line Team drivers emerged from battle with 4 Overall Championships by 4 separate Racers.  The JBRL Series visits 8 different Southern California tracks and Pro-Line’s incredible Tire Line provides an advantage at all  the different stops.  From outdoor Blue-Groove conditions to Indoor Clay tracks and everything in between, Pro-Line has you covered.


Cody Turner Mod SC Champion Nick Blais 2nd

Pro-Line’s Cody Turner Wins the Mod SC Championship for 2nd Year in a Row!  Pro-Line’s Nick Blais finishes 2nd Overall with Pro-Line’s PRO-2 SC Truck!  Great work guys.


Nick Wautlet Super Stock Buggy Champion

Pro-Line’s Nick Wautlet Wins the Super Stock Buggy Championship!  Pro-Line’s Matt Gilbert finishes 3rd Overall.  Nice job team!


Matt Gilbert Super Stock SC Champion

Pro-Line’s Matt Gilbert Wins the Super Stock SC Championship!  Pro-Line’s Adam Gragg finishes 3rd Overall and Pro-Line’s own Matt Wallace sneaks in with a top 6 finish.  Pro-Line domination!


Chad Panek 1-8 Electric Buggy Champion

Pro-Line guy Chad Panek Wins the 1/8th Electric Buggy overall Championship!  Pro-Line’s Nick Blais finishes 3rd Overall.  PL Tires were visibly faster and easier to drive in this Ultra Competitive class.


Mod Buggy Cody Turner 2nd

In Mod Buggy Pro-Line’s Cody Turner finished a very close 2nd Overall.


4wd Buggy Chris Blais 2nd

Pro-Line’s Chris Blais finishes 2nd Overall in 4WD Buggy!  Great work Chris!


Stock SC Mike Hernandez 3rd

Pro-Line’s Mike Hernandez finishes 3rd Overall in the extremely tough Stock SC class!



That concludes another Great Year of JBRL in Socal.  Special thanks to Jimmy Babcock and the whole JBRL crew for another awesome year of racing.  Congratulations to the whole Pro-Line team for an excellent year and thank you to all of the Pro-Line customers for choosing and winning with Pro-Line!  Until Next Year…