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Pro-Line Drivers Chris and Nick Blais dominate at JBRL

The Blais Racing Services team had a great showing this past weekend at JBRL in Bakersfield!

Pro-Line Driver Chris Blais took the TQ and the win in 1:8 E-Buggy with Nick Blais taking 3rd!

Nick Blais came away with a 2nd place finish in Pro2 and a 3rd in the Pro4 class.

Chris also had a respectable 3rd place finish in 4×4 buggy with his B44.2.

Chris had this to say, “We used Pro-Line MC ION tires and Pro-Line wheels on all 4 corners of my Tekno EB-48 1:8 Scale Buggy.  My car was absolutely hooked up and I was able to snatch the TQ just 2 seconds over my brother Nick in qualifying.  The track dried out even more for the mains and started to blue groove.  I had so much steering and traction I could go anywhere I wanted to and was able to run a clean and consistent race to take the Overall win.  Thanks again to Pro-Line for helping me get on the Podium!”

Nick had this to say, “Well I had a great weekend to say the least at the 6th JBRL series race at Rainman’s hobbies in Bakersfield.  My Tekno’s were wrapped with Clay ION tires all the way around.  Along with my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC truck was also dialed with a set of Pro-Line clay IONs.  All my Pro-Line ION tires, rims and Flo-Tek bodies were able to take podiums this round!  An exciting 1:8 scale race and a come from behind race to capture a podium finish.  My pro 2 class went good besides a little skirmish at the beginning putting my Pro-Line PRO-2 SC conversion truck into a 2nd place finish.  Pro 4 was off to a fast pace race and I finished up in a 3rd place finish behind some if the best out there!  Thanks to Pro-Line for their great products especially the PRO-2 SC conversion truck taking my best finish of the weekend.  Stay tuned for the videos on you tube, subscribe to ktmdakardad.” Visit www.nickblaisracing.com

Great work guys!