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Name That Tire Contest – WINNER

Congratulations to our four finalists and the grand prize winner!

After an overwhelming response to the Name That Tire Contest we are excited to announce the winner and the 4 finalists. We had over 270 fans submit their ideas for our new MT tire name and from all of those entries, the results are in.

In 5th place  is Brent Diaball and Tylor Weaver with a tie at 6 votes each with the tire names “Bear Traxx” and “Contenders” .

In 4th place  is Nico Dragoni at 10 votes with the tire name “Trail Biters” .

In 3rd place  is Robert Jones at 35 votes with the tire name “Hackers” .

In 2nd place  is Beto Lacerda at 46 votes with the tire name “Scrambler” .

All runner up winners will receive a free bottle of Pro-Line Pro Bond glue and some other goodies.


In 1st place at 67 votes with the tire name “Rock Rage” is Greg Arnone!

Congratulations Greg Arnone on your awesome product name! Your tire name will now be a part of Pro-Line history!

Greg has won a complete set (2pr) of the Rock Rage tires (# 1199-00) when they are released along with some other goodies. Greg will also be featured on the product page of the website and the press release on the tire! Great job!

We appreciate everyone’s participation in our Name That Tire Contest and we look forward to bringing you more contests like this in the future! So stay tuned! You can have more chances to win and possibly go into the Pro-Line history books like our friend Greg.