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1i-RC Mini Review: Pro-Line Trencher 2.8″ LP’s on a 2wd Rustler

Check out 1i-RC’s review of the Pro-Line 2.8 Trencher LP tires for Rustler in the link below ⬇⬇⬇

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Justin Barber AKA Elmoracer: SLASH MT 2WD Conversion Featuring Pro-Line Racing Parts

Pro-Line Badlands MX28 2.8″ All-Terrain Tires Premounted on 17mm F-11 Wheels Pro-Line Chevy Silverado Body #3430-00 Check ou the full article Here:  

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Justin Barber How To: Slash 4×4 MT Conversion Featuring Pro-Line Performance Parts

Check Out Justin’s Article:×4/47400-slash-4×4-mt-conversion-step-step-guide.html Pro-Line Jeep Rubicon: Pro-Line Masher 2.8: Pro-Line Extended Body mounts:×4/

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Justin Barber: Slash MT Conversion Guide – Featuring Pro-Line Rat Rod Body

Check Out the How-To Article w/Photos Pro-Line Rat Rod Body Pro-Line BFGoodrich KO2 2.2″ Tires Article Link:

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Justin Barber: Is There An Ultimate All-Around Tire?

Check Out this Article by Justin Barber at RC Short Course: Basher Tire Comparison: Is there an “Ultimate” All-Around Tire? – RCShortCourse Featuring Pro-Line Short Course Tires – BFG KR2 SC, Trencher SC, Badlands SC, and Gladiator SC