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Big Squid RC: RAM True Scale Body Giveaway Winners

We have our winners for the Pro-Line Racing RAM True Scale Body Giveaway! Congratulations to Keith C. from PA on winning the Short Course truck version of the Pro-Line 2013 1500 RAM Truck. Congratulations to Shawn K. from Nevada for winning the Monster Truck version of the 1500 RAM! Didn’t win this time? BigSquidRC will have more contests coming up really soon, […]

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Big Squid RC: Feeling the Love!

    We recently ran across this article from our friends over at and wanted to share the love. “…there is a reason Pro-Line is number one in tires/wheels/bodies. They put out a superior product, they have a superior marketing plan, and they have superior people working behind the scenes. In this industry, or any industry really, you’ve […]

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Big Squid’s Own Cubby: On Gluing your Tires

While I highly prefer to save time by using pre-mounted tires, gluing tires is still a part of our wonderful hobby. For you old timers, you can glue up a set in your sleep, for you new hobbyists, it isn’t nearly as hard as some people (like me) make it out to be. I recently […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Sales Promotion

Big Squid RC: WIN A Pro-Line 2013 Ram 1500 True Scale Clear Body!


Friends of Pro-Line

Big Squid RC: The Cub Report featuring Badlands!

  … The basher tire of choice looks to be Pro-Line Badlands, with a sizable amount of Trenchers in the mix. The tread design on the Badlands look a lot like motocross tires so they look trick, and they get decent traction on just about every surface imaginable, so no wonder half the trucks/buggies I […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews

Big Squid RC: Vaterra Halix Hop-Up Series Part #2 – New Wheels & Tires

Changing to better tires is commonly known as the best “Bang for the Buck” upgrade that you can do to any rc car. While the Vaterra Halix comes with tires, we are shooting for top-of-the-line with our project truck so better units were a must.

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews

Big Squid RC Review – Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

We recently got the chance to check out the new Buggy Conversion Kit from Pro-Line. This kit makes it easy to change your P-L PRO-2 short course truck into a scale looking off-road buggy. Here is what we found out… From – Pro-Line Racing Direct Link – PL Buggy Conversion Kit Pro-Line Buggy Conversion Kit […]

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Big Squid RC Hop-Up Sereies Part #1 – Vaterra Halix – Upgrading the Shocks

One of our favorite all around bash machines here at BigSquidRC is the Vaterra Halix monster truck. While out of the box it is great fun to bash, we are doing a series of hop-up articles to make it truly epic. This week we’ll start off the series by upgrading the shocks. The stock shocks […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews

Big Squid RC: Upgrading Your RTR Axial SCX10

If you read Part 1 of this guide (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT) you may remember that for the Part 2 portion of “Upgrading Your RTR Axial SCX10″ I planned on limiting the budget to $100. Well, in the grand tradition of every single r/c project I’ve been apart of…we are going over budget! […]