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RC VHX 22: Traxxas Summit featuring Pro-Line 3.8″ Big Joe Tires – Video

Pro-Line Big Joe 3.8″ Tires premounted on Tech 5 Zero Offset Wheels

Friends of Pro-Line / Videos

RC Overload: 1/8 OFNA Nitro Monster Truck! Featuring Pro-Line Big Joes

A lot of you have been wanting to see this Monster 1/8th Ofna Nitro Truck in action! Well today is that day! Pro-Line Big Joes

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews / Videos

Ricky Revo RC: E-Revo brush-less edition-Pro-Line 3.8 Shockwaves

Review and testing out the Pro-Line 3.8″ Shockwaves Mounted on the F-11 1/2″ offset wheels. Trying them out on multiple terrains and they handle very well I love my Big Joes 40 Series but these Pro-Line Shockwaves are a bit more forgiving and I think they handle better for what I’m doing with my E-REVO! […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Videos

Disaster RC: Thunder Tiger Quarry Bash with Pro-Line Body, Tires and Wheels

The amazing Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 put through its paces at Hall Dale Quarry in Matlock. Using custom designed and built aluminum chassis brace and upgraded steering servo. Just found this amazing disused quarry filled with gravel piles and amazing terrain, awesome bashing spot. Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 Custom Aluminium Chassis Brace  Pro-Line Big Joes […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews

RC Store CZ and RCP Racing Team – Pro-Line Trencher, Big joe, Masher, Interco TSL on Traxxas models

Some of the popular Pro-Line Tires shown on Traxxas E-Maxx and Summit. Some more are still missing of course. Not enough cars. 🙂 Pro-Line 3.8″ MasherPro-Line 3.8″ Big Joe Pro-Line 3.8″ Interco TSL SX Super Swamper Pro-Line 3.8″ Trencher and Trencher X

Friends of Pro-Line / Videos


Forest adventure in cold November . My son’s E-MAXX with locked rear diff and Pro-Line Masher Tires was very strong in rough terrain and it did very well hold the line with my SUMMIT with 2 locked diffs. It was a good time. Mashers and Big Joes are the best MT Tires. And all Bodies. […]

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews / Videos

RCoverload Crawling Adventure – Axial SCX10 with Big Joe Tires!

RC Overload Crawling Adventure with his Axial SCX10 featuring Big Joe II 2.2″ #10105-00 Big Joe II 2.2″

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews / Videos

RC Overload: Pro-Line’s 2.2 Big Joe II Tire Review!

“…all I have too say is, WOW these tires are amazing! I had an absolute blast testing them out on the E-REVO!” – Matt W. #10105-00 Big Joe II 2.2″ All Terrain Tires for 1:16 Summit® and Savage XS Flux RC Overload Forum  

Friends of Pro-Line / Product Reviews on Installing new wheels and tires

Check out what our friends over at have to say about installing new Wheels and Tires to your RC Car! Article features Pro-Line Desperado 3.8″ wheels and Big Joe II tires! One of the most cost effective ways to gain performance on any rc car is to install new wheels and tires. This is […]