Factory Team / Friends of Pro-Line

RC-Cop-Stop -9/11-10-21- 22 – Presentation

I just wanted to thank Pro-Line and Horizon Hobby for you support over the years.

I’m currently using the following RCs for my Police RC presentations.

  1. Arrma Granite 3s upgraded with Pro-Line Sentinal body, ProLine Shocks and Pro-Line 2.8 Trencher tires.
  2. Arrma Vorteks 3s with Pro-Line Shocks and Pro-Line Badlands 2.8 MX tires.


09/11/22  : Today I took a few pictures of these awesome RCs in front of a somber  piece of 911 history in our city as one of the Twin Tower radio antennas of tower #1 was made here.

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to sometimes use RC in my job with kiddos.

I participated in our community’s Emergency Response Day.  This event gave the community a chance to see EMS vehicles and employees up close.

Kiddos also got the chance to help me drive the Arrma Granite, upgraded with the Pro-Line Sentinal body, Pro-Line Power stroke Shocks and Pro-Line 2.8 Trenchers.

It was a fun day for all. 


09/26/22  : A few days ago I visited a local school for the mentally/physically handicapped. The kiddos loved seeing the Arrma Vorteks.

Thanks for your great products (Pro-Line BadLands MX28 tires and Pro-Line Power stroke Shocks). These really beefed up the Vorteks.

10/01/22  : I participated in one of our Fall festivals last weekend. The Arrma Granite was great! All the kiddos loved ramping over the straw bale.


10/21/22  : Hope all is well. Last Friday I gave a police RC presentation to a pre school class and they had so much fun helping me drive the Arrma Vorteks.

This Vorteks rocks the Pro-Line BadLands MX28 tires. These really beefed up the Vorteks.