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RC-Cop-Stop – 6/24 – 7/25 – 22 – Presentation

  Just wanted to share the presentation’s I gave these past few days

6/24/22  : I gave a police/RC presentation at our Jr Police Academy last Friday at one off our Housing Projects. The kids were great and had lots of RC questions. The also helped me ramp the Arrma Vorteks with the Pro-Line Badlands MX28 belted tires. The Pro-Line Powers Stroke shocks are also a must with these trucks!

7/14/22  : I saw my friends at our local high school during their special education summer program. They kids were great and loved helping me ramp the Arrma Granite 3s. I beefed up this Granite with the Pro-Line Sentinal body, Pro-Line Trencher 2.8 tires and the Pro-Line Power Stroke Shocks.

7/25/22 : I spent the morning giving a RC police presentation to the park district summer program kiddos. We talked about policing and they got a chance to drive the Arrma Granite 3s. I widened this truck with Arrma Typhon A arms/turnbuckles. It also has the tough Pro-Line Sentinal body, Pro-Line Power Shocks and Pro-Line 2.8 Trenchers. It’s a BEAST!


Matt Hemsmeier